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Brad Sumrok’s AIMNATCON 2022: Dates, Cost, and More Info

Brad Sumrok speaking at AIMNATCON in July 2021.

AIMNATCON is a conference hosted by Brad Sumrok who retired at age 38 to start teaching others about the benefits of apartment investing and multi-family properties. He’s the #1 apartment investing mentor in the United States and has bought and sold over 8,000 units throughout his career. Brad has acquired over $800 million in assets under management since he started his career in 2005.

The 5th annual conference takes place September 30th through October 2nd this year in Dallas, Texas. Plenty of big names in the business world attended and spoke at AIMNATCON in the past, including:

  • Daymond John – Shark Tank
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Author and Investor
  • Grant Cardone – Cardone Capital
  • Brandon Turner – Bigger Pockets
  • Ken McElroy – Author and Investor
  • Pete Vargas – Advance Your Reach

Brad Sumrok

You may wonder who Brad Sumrock is and why hundreds of people attend his conference each year. Brad has taught commercial real estate investing to new investors and those looking to learn how to get started in apartment investing and multi-family rentals. 

Also known as “The Apartment King,” Brad got his start in real estate and accumulated enough wealth to retire at age 38. As an early retiree, he now dedicates his time to teaching others how to increase their net worth with his investing methods. Brad’s approach teaches his time-tested essentials of using apartment investing to your advantage to build a profitable investment portfolio.

His students use his methods and report incredible results. Brad has case studies where hundreds of people have increased their net worth to over $1 million and consistently earn double digital returns as investors. He’s also helped his students purchase over $5 billion in 500 apartment complexes and 60,000 units–incredible results by any standard.

Brad is one of the world’s most respected real estate investors and wants to spread his knowledge with a mastermind conference in Dallas. His wife, Jen, is a co-host and an accomplished investor herself. 

AIMNATCON is the culmination of Brad’s student success and is meant to advance everyone’s interest in real estate investing regardless of your market and net worth. Its goal is for attendees to learn from people who have successfully navigated the world of apartment and multi-family investing.


If you’re considering attending AIMNATCON, knowing the price of admission will help you make your decision.

General admission tickets for the in-person AIMNATCON events from September 30th through October 2nd are $349 per person. This includes event planning sessions and post-event implementation sessions to network with the speakers and other investors at the conference.

The in-person VIP package is $899 per person and includes a bonus day four event on October 3rd. The VIP attendees get the best seats at the venue and access to the platinum evening reception at the end of Day 3. 

If you cannot attend AIMNATCON in person, you’ll be able to tune in for the virtual conference to see the keynote speakers in an online interactive experience for all three days of the conference for $99.


After only three years of apartment investing, Brad was able to retire and continues to help hundreds of his students follow in his footsteps. He teaches a six-step millionaire multi-family investing mindset consisting of the following:

  • Mindset. Brad covers the psychology of millionaires and what separates successful investors from those that never get their investing careers off the ground. Having the correct mindset is the first step toward building an extensive real estate portfolio.
  • Mechanics. Apartment investing has many different nuances. Brad teaches you the how behind his methods and the reasoning behind why they work. Learning the mechanics from an expert instantly increases the chances that you’ll find success in your investing career.
  • Money. You’ll learn the most efficient ways to make money investing in apartments and multi-family units and how to save effectively. Managing your finances as an investor is crucial if you hope to have a long-term career.
  • Markets. Selecting a good real estate market and knowing what makes a market attractive for investors is the fourth step in the millionaire investing mindset. Brad shows you the mechanics of market dynamics and evaluating deals as a beginner investor.
  • Marketing. A strong personal brand is essential if you hope to make it as an investor today. You’ll learn how to brand yourself and your business online with social media and offline with physical marketing materials.
  • Mastery. Once you learn the basics of investing, you’ll start to master the skills needed to advance your career while continuing to add to your investment portfolio. 

Final Thoughts

AIMNATCON aims to give you the exact framework to start your career as a millionaire apartment investor. Brad and Jen are known for bringing top-level speakers, investors, and educators that want to disseminate their knowledge to others. AIMNATCON is set to have some great speakers this year, so be sure to attend the virtual conference if you can’t make it in person.

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