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Alex Hormozi Net Worth, Wife & Workouts

Alex Hormozi on a podcast.
Alex Hormozi Net Worth: Hormozi has a grown his net worth to an impressive $100 million. It all began in 2013 with the opening of his first local gym.

If you’ve been on the internet in the past 3 years, chances are you’ve come across Alex Hormozi. The entrepreneur, business strategist, and fitness expert has taken the digital world by storm, with his popular YouTube channel reaching over 1.2 million subscribers and growing at an average rate of over 4,000 subscribers per day as of May 2023.

Alex Hormozi has an interesting story about his upbringing and his introduction into business. He has also garnered a staggering net worth at such a young age. This article discusses everything you need to know about Alex Hormozi, his net worth, wife, and workouts that make him so successful today.

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex with a Gym Launch award.
Believe it or not, Alex was once homeless and living out of his car.

Alex Hormozi is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, investor, fitness coach, and philanthropist. He started his first business, a local gym, in 2013 and saw immediate success. Alex’s passion for fitness and self-improvement was evident to his early customers, which allowed Alex to expand his brand and open up an additional six gyms in a short amount of time.

Alex then decided to sell his gyms to transition into a turnaround business instead of actively managing each location. He quickly scaled his business during the next two years and turned around over 30 gyms using the business model.

After succeeding with the turnaround gym business, he decided to sell his process into a licensing model that scaled to over 4,000 gyms across the globe. During this process, Alex also scaled three other businesses, reaching sales of $120 million across industries such as software, ecommerce, and service-based businesses without taking on any outside capital.

In total, Alex has scaled and successfully exited 7 companies so far in his young career. His most notable exit occurred in 2021, when he sold his licensing company for $46.2 million to a private investor group.

After his most recent exit, Alex decided he wanted a way to invest his own money into growing businesses across various industries. He founded Acquisition.com, where he and his wife focus on investing in growing businesses with high cash flow to help them scale their sales and operations.

When Alex has free time, he spends it advocating for equal access to education for all Americans as well as encouraging entrepreneurship among children and young adults.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Alex Hormozi with hundred dollar bills in his mouth. Alex Hormozi net worth is $100m.
Most of Alex Hormozi net worth comes from selling businesses he started.

While Alex Hormozi’s net worth has never been released publicly, we estimate that it’s around $100 million due to the successful exits of 7 companies, including one for $46.2 million, as well as the current valuation of Acquisition.com. Alex Hormozi net worth continues to climb and thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit.

Alex Hormozi Height, Age, Bio

Professional photo of Alex
Alex graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human & Organizational Development with a focus on Corporate Strategy.

Alex Hormozi is not only known for being a successful entrepreneur. He is well-known in the gym and fitness industry due to his involvement in owning and operating gyms earlier in his career. 

If you’ve watched any of Alex’s videos, you may have noticed his impressive physique and physical stature. According to online sources, Alex Hormozi’s height is about 5 feet 9 inches tall and he weighs approximately 180 pounds at 33 years old.

Alex graduated from the prestigious Vanderbilt University magna cum laude in only 3 years as a full-time student. After graduating, he worked as a management consultant before going out on his own and launching a successful career as an entrepreneur.

Alex Hormozi’s Workout Routine

Alex Hormozi shirtless
As a competitive powerlifter, Alex Hormozi is the state record holder in Maryland USAPL. His best lifts are 525/390/550.

Alex Hormozi went through an impressive physical transformation and gained over 35 pounds naturally in 6 weeks. While most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts may only achieve these results with performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), Alex conducted a self case study and documented his progress.

For the entire 42-day training cycle, Alex adhered to a strict regimen. He worked out for 3 hours at a time for 3 days and then took one rest day. Alex Hormozi’s workout routine for his upper body looked like this:

  • Barbell bench press
    • 5-7 sets
    • 7 reps each
  • Banded leg press
    • 7 sets
    • 25 reps each
  • Incline DB bench
    • 5 sets
    • 8-12 reps each
  • Incline DB fly
    • 5 sets
    • 20 reps each
  • One arm DB row
    • 4 sets
    • 15-20 reps each
  • Chin-up
    • 4 sets
    • To failure
  • Lat pulldown
    • 7 sets
    • 10 reps each

As you can tell, Alex Hormozi’s workout routine is grueling because of the high amount of reps he performs for each exercise. 

While Alex Hormozi’s workout routine is impressive, his diet and nutrition during this time was perhaps even more. According to Alex, he ate over 800g of carbs and followed a “lean bulk” mentality, meaning he ate high quantities of nutrient dense food that allowed him to put on significant muscle size.

While Alex Hormozi’s workout and diet may not work for everyone, it’s important to see what’s possible when you learn how to adhere to a strict diet and training regimen.

Leila Hormozi

Leila Hormozi (Alex Hormozi's Wife) pictured with Alex
Alex Hormozi Wife: Leila Hormozi took an interest in fitness at a young age and went on to pursue a bachelors degree in kinesiology and exercise science at Western Michigan University.

Leila Hormozi is the wife of Alex and the CEO of Acquisition.com. Like Alex, Leila is also part Iranian and moved to Orange County in 2015 to start a career in fitness. She quickly rose up the ranks in the fitness industry and was a top-selling personal trainer in Orange County.

On her path in the fitness industry, Leila met Alex and the two immediately felt the chemistry between them. They both had a passion for fitness and a drive for growing and scaling businesses. 

One day, after dating for only 9 months, Alex asked Leila to marry him, which she accepted. The two have been happily married since 2017.

Is Leila Hormozi Transgender?

If you’ve heard Leila Hormozi’s voice, you may have noted that it’s very deep and manly. However, the notion that Leila Hormozi is transgender is completely false and there is no credible information to support this claim. 

However, Leila has said that she’s dealt with comments from others about her voice and how it motivated her even more to find success in business. If you search “Leila Hormozi Transgender” you will find a lot of articles that support the fact that she is not transgender.

Alex Hormozi’s Gym Launch

Leila and Alex receiving an award.

After a successful career as a gym owner and exiting several companies, Alex decided he wanted to help aspiring gym owners and entrepreneurs do the same. In 2016, he founded Gym Launch, which allowed others to follow his same business model in growing and scaling a gym business. 

After promising results from Gym Launch, Alex licensed the model as learning material to over 4,000 gyms in over 12 countries worldwide. 

Today, you can find Alex’s Gym Launch Secrets book on Amazon, where he goes in depth on his step-by-step guide to building a massively profitable gym business.

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