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Batch Dialer Review

Batch Dialer Features
Batch Dialer Review: Is the cost of Batch Dialer is worth the robust features?

Batch Dialer for Wholesaling – Is Batch Dialer Worth it?

BatchDialer is a fully cloud-based dialing system that investors, lenders, and real estate professionals use to connect with homeowners and potential sellers. Real estate investors and wholesalers use Batch Dialer in addition to Batch Leads to target high-quality real estate leads.

Are you curious about Batch Dialer and how it compares to other solutions on the market? In this Batch Dialer review, we will discuss the main features of BatchDialer, how to use the system, and its comparison to other similar dialing systems on the market today.

Batch Dialer Capabilities

Batch Dialer wouldn’t be so popular if there weren’t plenty of useful features for its users. First, BatchDialer utilizes campaign optimization tools that allow marketers to set up their campaigns in the most efficient way possible. 

All you need to do is log into BatchDialer, start a campaign, and start dialing. You can create, edit, start, and pause your campaigns at any time in the BatchDialer dashboard.

Below are some additional features of BatchDialer:

  • Live agent monitoring. This feature allows you to monitor your entire team while live on the phone. Users can listen, barge, and whisper in real time with BatchDialer.
  • Real-time reporting. BatchDialer’s visual breakdowns of calling and campaign statistics make it easy to adapt and adjust your outreach strategy over time. You can track key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor data in real-time.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The IVR feature allows customers to create a custom IVR with dynamic rules to connect the caller to the right agent immediately.
  • Customizable rules. Project managers can set rules and dialing limits for their team based on the time of day, call outcomes, and availability.
  • Detailed contact records. BatchDialer makes it easy to store detailed contact records, including call history, call notes, and call outcomes and dispositions.

BatchDialer has so many capabilities that we couldn’t list them all here. It’s simply the most complete dialing system on the market today, with a proven track record of getting results for real estate professionals.

How to use BatchDialer

Although BatchDialer has many features, the platform is surprisingly easy to use. You’ll sign up on their website with the option of taking advantage of a free 7-day trial before you pay full price for the service (which we highly recommend doing). The Batch Dialer free trial makes sense for those who want to try it out first before making a commitment.

Then Batch Dialer takes you to the dashboard where you get a feel for the cloud-based platform and the steps to take to start your first campaign. In addition to suggesting integration with BatchLeads, BatchDialer also integrates with tools like Zillow, Zapier, Salesforce, Podio and more.

Setting up your campaigns with BatchDialer is an easy process. Once you have your leads, BatchDialer allows you to set up your customizable rules and voicemail greetings to increase your conversion rate while calling prospects. You can use their smart call routing feature to transfer calls to the right person on your team within seconds.

Predictive Dialer Feature

One of the best features of Batch is the predictive dialer feature. It uses machine learning in real-time to determine when a phone call is about to end. Then, quickly calculates the required dialing speed needed to reduce the callers downtime. This can increase productivity by 500%.

Batch Dialer Cost

The Batch Dialer cost tends to be slightly higher than some of its competitors. They have two plans that customers can choose from. First is the single-line dialer, which costs one agent $89 per month. Increase your team to three agents, and Batch Dialer price jumps to $267 per month.

Those with larger teams and higher call volumes may want to use the multi-line dialer, which starts at $139 per month. Add in three team members with the multi-line dialer, and you’re looking at $417 per month.

Because Batch Dialer pricing is higher vs some other dialers, you will want to make sure you are taking full advantage of the features. Adding additional users to the plan can get expensive for large teams, but the call capabilities and features justify the premium price. The batch dialer cost can also be justified by integrating Batch Leads IO, a powerful lead generation tool.

Batch vs Mojo Power Dialer

The Mojo Power Dialer is another big name in the world of real estate dialers. The platform is meant for investors targeting motivated sellers and salespeople targeting FSBO and expired listings through cold calling.

Mojo was founded in 2001 and has been a dominant force in the world of real estate cold calling. Some of the main features of the Mojo Power Dialer include integrations with other real estate products and CRMs, as well as a 3-line dialer and a mobile dialing system.

The Mojo Power Dialer is a “dialer for salespeople by salespeople.” Its sales-oriented approach to power dialing is ideal for salespeople but tends to be less flexible than other options like BatchDialer. 

The Mojo Power Dialer is comparable in price to BatchDialer. The single-line dialer is $99 per month for a single user, while the triple-line dialer starts at $149 per month. Mojo also has other products customers can choose from, including lead offers for FSBO listings, for rent by owner, and skip tracing technology.

Why use a power dialer? Batch vs Smartphones

A power dialing system like BatchDialer is meant for real estate professionals with a high volume of cold calls per month. The dialing system is much more efficient and sophisticated than a smartphone ever will be. 

Power dialers like BatchDialer simplify the cold calling process without consuming as much time as a smartphone cold calling approach. Smartphone users must dial each number by hand, wasting time that could be spent closing deals and performing other outreach methods to acquire high-quality leads.

Additionally, cold calling with a smartphone has other downsides. First, the caller ID may appear as spam or unrecognized–plummeting answer and contact rates. Batch Dialer ensures that your phone number is from the correct area code and that the number doesn’t show up as spam.

Another downside to smartphone cold calling is that the process can’t scale. Batch Dialer allows you to make hundreds or even thousands of calls per day with higher contact rates than what’s possible with a smartphone.

Do We Recommend Batch Dialer?

This BatchDialer review discussed the main features of the platform as well as the cost of using the cloud-based dialing system. While competitors like Mojo Dialer give Batch a run for its money, BatchDialer wins for its flexibility and integration features and is the best dialing system for real estate professionals.

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