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Batch Leads Review

Batch Leads Review
Batch Leads Review: Is the cost worth it? How does Batch Leads compare to PropStream?

Batch Leads is a leader in real estate lead generation software. Their platform is tried and true and has been trusted by real estate professionals since 2014. 

This Batch Leads review compares the software with competitors such as PropSteam. We will also discuss Batch Leads cost, key features and capabilities for the real estate lead generation software.

What is Batch Leads?

Batch Leads is a platform meant for real estate agents, investors, and wholesalers to find potential sellers and homeowners to generate deals. It is an all-in-one solution for these professionals to help them identify more seller leads and close more deals.

The Batch Leads platform provides various marketing tools to help real estate professionals come in contact with hundreds of sellers and homeowners who are looking to sell their property. 

Batch Leads claims to have ‘the world’s most accurate property financial, and owner contact data’. This means that Batch Leads can give you access to more than 3,100 countries, over 99.8% of the U.S. property owners,  7 billion recorded documents, more than 155 million U.S. profiled properties, and about 1.8 million active listings.

You can access Batch Leads through its website or iOS/Android application. It’s a part of the Batch service family of software applications, including BatchDialer, Batch Data, and Batch Driven.

Batch Leads Benefits

The main benefit of Batch Leads is that it saves a ton of time that you can use to do other important tasks involved in running your business. Batch Leads skip tracing helps you filter out accurate seller contact information faster than any other program on the market.

Using Batch Leads can help you scale the seller lead generation process as well. The software allows you to identify and contact more potential seller leads in much less time that you would spend doing it manually.

Other benefits of Batch Leads include:

  • It generates accurate, updated, and validated data since it is directly connected to the United States Postal Service (USPS) servers.
  • It creates an entire list of well-qualified real estate leads, which makes it easier to find sellers who are ready to sell.
  • It helps you generate leads easily with its hundreds of filters to sort out lead lists according to vacant properties, pre-foreclosures, delinquent taxes, homeowners with multiple properties, etc. 
  • Batch Leads also allows agents and investors to send automated direct mail to their entire lead lists at the same time. 

How to Use Batch Leads?

Batch Leads is easy to use, even for beginners. Its main functions include list management, skip tracing, and map searching. 

Using these functions can help real estate agents or investors find investment opportunities according to their requirements. For instance, using its map search feature will help you find distressed houses up for sale in your area. 

Batch Leads allows you to search for property owners and seller prospects through its skip-tracing function. You can even manage saved property searches and add property owners to your mailing campaigns with BatchLeads. 

Batch Leads Skip Tracing

Researching and identifying the correct contact information for potential sellers takes a long time without a solution like Batch Leads. Their skip tracing function provides valid and verified information for any lead and sorts through leads much faster than doing it manually. Skip tracing also provides accurate phone numbers and addresses of property owners.

Batch Leads Cost

Batch Leads pricing varies as they offer different levels of packages with different features for real estate professionals.

The base service of Batch Leads costs $39 monthly. This service provides no-cost onboarding, which is great for individual professionals who are looking for efficient ways to generate buyer and seller leads. The performance level Batch Leads pricing is $129 monthly and the performance+ costs $299 monthly. 

Batch Leads is considered a leader in their industry due to the results they get their customers. Their fees align with other similar services on the market today. Additionally, BatchLeads offers add-on function options that you can include with your subscription, such as lists or SMS capabilities.

PropStream Vs. Batch Leads

Batch Leads is very popular amongst its users, but it certainly has competitors. Propstream is by far the top competitor of Batch Leads. PropStream provides two main benefits: its data is updated more frequently, and it has much more data available than BatchLeads. 

In comparison to Batch Leads, PropStream has a property deal analyzer feature that can help you calculate mortgage amounts, tax information, rental income, cash flow, property expenses, total purchase price, and tax deductions.

PropStream’s 7-day free trial can enable you to test out the service and learn more about its functions before committing to a paid plan. PropStream pricing starts at $99 per month and increases when you add services and additional team members to the plan.

PropStream vs Batch Leads. Which one is better?

Batch Leads 7-Day free trial

Before making a commitment, BatchLeads offers its users a 7-day free trial to test the platform out before purchasing its paid services. This allows new users or beginner real estate professionals to get an idea of what features and functions the platform offers and if they are useful for them or not.

After your 7-day free trial period ends, you will be automatically billed monthly depending on the plan term and price you choose while registering. 

However, this free trial is only available for individual plans. A full team has to request a product demo or trial by contacting the Batch Leads team. 

Review of Batch Leads IO

Batch Leads IO is a useful platform for all real estate agents and investors who want to generate strong seller leads for their businesses. The platform delivers promising services to these professionals and helps generate high-quality leads. 

Overall, BatchLeads is a leader in the space, but its close competitors have similar product offerings and continue to directly compete with BatchLeads.

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