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8 Best Companies that Buy Houses for Cash in 2024

Are you thinking about selling your home for cash? Here are the best 8 companies that buy houses for cash.
Are you thinking about selling your home for cash? Here are the best 8 companies that buy houses for cash.

Homeowners looking to sell their home in today’s market have plenty of advantages. Home prices are at all-time highs, and properties continue to sell quickly with favorable selling terms for many homeowners across the country.

But those who need to sell may be wondering whether they should sell to a cash buyer or through a realtor in a traditional real estate sale. The logical choice depends on a number of factors and your unique situation when selling. 

For those who need to sell quickly and prefer a lump sum of cash without working with a lender, selling for cash is the way to go. Continue reading to learn more about selling your home for cash and the eight best companies that buy houses for cash in your area. 

Why Sell Your Home for Cash?

Is it worth it to sell your home to a cash buyer?
Is it worth it to sell your home to a cash buyer?

Selling your home for cash isn’t always the best option, but there are certain cases where it may be a smart idea. Here are the main reasons you should consider selling to a cash home buyer this year.

Quick Sale

Like we mentioned, one of the main reasons homeowners decide to sell their home to a cash buyer is for the speed of sale. Sellers who need to offload their home quickly due to financial constraints, family issues, or a variety of other circumstances may benefit from the quick sale that a cash buyer has to offer.

The traditional real estate process involves staging the home, scheduling home tours, and negotiating with potential buyers which can take weeks or even months in some cases. Selling to a cash buyer allows homeowners to bypass this process and complete the sale in as little as a few days.

No Repairs or Home Inspections

Most cash buyers purchase homes “as-is,” which means homeowners don’t have to spend extra money making repairs or renovations before selling like they would with a realtor. 

Most traditional real estate sales require the home to pass a home inspection, which means the home cannot be sold until the homeowner fixes these critical issues. A cash buyer may still purchase the home but offer slightly less due to the added expense of fixing the issues themselves.

Certainty of Sale

Selling to a buyer who requires a mortgage depends on their ability to qualify and secure financing through a mortgage company. Unfortunately, some buyers misrepresent their qualifications on the loan application or the mortgage company makes errors during the process, which means financing can fall through.

On the flip side, cash buyers use liquid funds for their home purchases and can guarantee they have the cash needed to purchase the home in full. This means selling to a cash buyer gives homeowners more certainty that the sale will go through as planned.

Minimal Fees and Commissions

Most people choose to sell to a cash buyer to avoid costly transaction fees and real estate agent commissions. In a traditional sale, the seller must pay 5 to 6% of the home’s sale price to the buyer’s and seller’s agent. For example, a home that sells for $500,000 comes with at least $25,000 in commissions.

Additionally, other fees often required in a traditional sale include:

  • Closing costs
  • Home staging
  • Photography
  • Prorated property taxes
  • HOA fees

Cons of Selling to a Cash Buyer

Selling your home to one of the best companies that buy houses for cash isn't always the best idea.

While selling to a cash buyer can be a great option for some homeowners, there are other considerations to keep in mind before making that decision, including:

  • Lower Sale Price: Cash buyers offer sellers the convenience of a quick sale, immediate funds, and the ability to sell as-is, which means they often offer a lower price to sellers. Sellers should weigh the pros and cons of selling their home for less when considering working with a cash buyer.
  • Limited Exposure and Buyer Pool: Traditional sellers benefit from the network and marketing abilities of real estate agents to find a pool of interested buyers. This means traditional real estate sales may attract more competition and spark bidding wars between potential buyers.
  • Limited Negotiations: Another downside is that sellers often have a limited ability to negotiate when working with a cash buyer. They may not be able to negotiate favorable terms or a higher sale price as they would when working with a real estate agent.
  • Cash Buyer Scams: Homeowners should always be wary of cash buyer scams and unscrupulous investors when selling for cash. Sellers should vet any potential cash buyer and look at online reviews to make sure they’re a legitimate buyer who has the available funds to complete the transaction.

8 Best Companies that Buy Houses for Cash

Those looking to sell their home for cash should research companies in their area to find the best buyer with positive customer reviews. Additionally, some cash buyers operate nationally while others operate in certain regions, so be sure to find the buyer who is most suitable for your location. 

Here are the best companies that buy houses for cash to consider this year:


72Sold offers sellers an attractive opportunity of a rapid sale within 8 days or less. This offering has caused 72Sold to garner thousands of 5-star reviews from current and previous customers.

72Sold and their strategic collaboration with Keller Williams provides sellers with a seamless transaction experience facilitated by seasoned real estate professionals. Sellers also have the advantage of browsing through agent reviews before starting their collaboration with 72Sold and their experienced professionals.

However, 72Sold’s selling platform comes with several downsides you may not be able to find online. While the expedited sale appeals to sellers, they must pay their agent standard commission fees that range from 5 to 6 percent.

Additionally, the platform’s branding could be construed as misleading; the “72” in its name suggests a sale within 72 hours, whereas the actual timeframe is 8 days or less. Sellers should also prepare for a potentially prolonged closing process extending beyond the initial sale period.

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Clever Offers

Clever Offers is a company that specializes in buying homes from sellers like you.

Clever Offers is managed by industry powerhouse Clever Real Estate and is our choice for one of the best companies that buy houses for cash. They are a nationwide cash buyer, which means they can make a cash offer for anyone in the United States in as little as one week.

Do you own a distressed property that needs major repairs or renovations? Clever Offers specializes in buying distressed homes so you can sell your home as-is without having to worry about expensive repairs before selling.

Additionally, Clever Offers has a positive track record among past customers. On Trustpilot.com, the company received over 2,800 reviews with a 97% 5-star rating. Many reviews state that customers were able to negotiate a higher sale price and terms with Clever after their initial offer.

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Let's talk about HomeLight and why it's one of the best companies that buy houses for cash.

Founded in San Francisco and headquartered in Scottsdale, HomeLight is a major player in the real estate space. Since 2012, HomeLight has worked with sellers across the US to purchase homes and close on the sale in as little as 10 days. 

HomeLight is primarily known for their real estate agent matching service, but also buys thousands of properties each year from sellers just like you. Simply visit the HomeLight website to speak to a professional home consultant about your situation and whether or not it makes sense to sell to HomeLight.

They’ll use their proprietary real estate software to analyze local neighborhood data while tapping into their investor network. Investors submit offers to HomeLight which takes about a week, then the HomeLight representative compiles the offers and presents them to the seller who selects the most enticing one.

Keep in mind that HomeLight schedules home inspections before the sale goes through, which could affect the final offer price from your buyer. Also, most HomeLight buyers are investors who purchase homes at deep discounts (sometimes as low as 50% of market value). 

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Offerpad isn't your traditional cash buying company.

Offerpad is a cash buyer for homes in good condition, which means distressed property owners may want to consider other options on this list. However, Offerpad’s home buying programs come with plenty of potential benefits. 

The Offerpad Express and Offerpad Flex programs give buyers the ability to take their time when moving out of the home with complementary moving services for sellers relocating within 50 miles or less. Sellers can also choose a closing date up to 90 days away, so there’s no rush to move out when selling your house to Offerpad. 

Just like HomeLight, selling with Offerpad is an easy process. Visit their website and fill out a form to share details about your property. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive information about different programs you qualify for and the options you have when selling your home.

But Offerpad comes with a host of fees that sellers should keep in mind. For cash offers, sellers pay a 5% service fee and 1% closing cost fee. Sellers who decide to list their home with Offerpad must pay 6% agent commissions, 1% closing cost fee, and 1% seller concessions. 


WeBuyHouses.com is well-known in the industry and can get you a great deal when selling your home.

WeBuyHouses.com is perhaps the best-known cash buyer in the industry. Founded in 1997, WeBuyHouses.com partners with established real estate investors around the country and connects them with sellers who make a reasonable cash offer on their property. 

Since its inception, WeBuyHouses.com has purchased over 1 million homes and continues to receive positive customer reviews. Simply create an account on their website and submit details about your property. A WeBuyHouses.com representative will connect you with a local investor who conducts an appraisal and submits a cash offer within 48 hours. 

However, WeBuyHouses.com reviews show that there’s little room for negotiation when talking with investors and they may only offer 70% of your home’s market value.


HomeVestors is America's number one home buyer and has some attractive offerings for sellers.

The number one home buyer in America is HomeVestors, who has received a 95% customer satisfaction rating from their customers since their inception in 1996. They’ve ranked in the top 100 companies in the Franchise 500 and work with customers to make the selling process hassle-free and easy for sellers across America. 

HomeVestors operates in 48 states nationwide with over 1,100 franchises in their national network. When you work with HomeVestors, you’ll receive the best in customer service, transparency in pricing, and the commitment to making sure you get the most for your money when selling your home for cash.

However, some customers have another story to tell. Based on several online HomeVestors reviews, many customers state that there is little to no room to negotiate with HomeVestors and your experience primarily depends on the individual investor you work with. As with other home buyers on this list, HomeVestors may only offer 50% of your home’s fair market value. 


Let's discuss why Orchard may be a good option for sellers who need to find a new place to live after selling.

Another iBuyer on our list of the best companies that buy houses for cash is Orchard. This innovative company takes a novel approach to home buying that other options on this list can’t compete with.

Instead of buying your home for cash and ending the relationship there, Orchard’s Move First initiative helps you locate a new home and provides you with an interest-free loan to use for a down payment without having to sell first. Then you’ll move into your new home while Orchard takes care of marketing your property and scheduling showings at no additional cost. 

While Orchard may sound appealing, there are some downsides to keep in mind. First, potential customers should understand that Orchard is only available in select cities within Texas, Colorado, and Georgia. 

Fees are another top concern when it comes to Orchard. With the Move First program, Orchard requires sellers to pay 6% of the final home sale price as well as a 1.9% program fee just to sell with the Orchard platform. 

Additionally, Orchard sets the selling price for your home based on their assessment of the local market. Several Orchard reviews show customers unhappy with the listing price set by Orchard and claim they could have received a higher selling price with other brokers.

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HomeGo is another great option for sellers who want to sell as is for cash this year.

HomeGo rounds out our list of the best companies to buy houses for cash for several reasons. First, we love that HomeGo makes offers on-the-spot and purchases homes in any condition. They also use transparent pricing and allow sellers to skip the realtor commissions and closing costs when selling. 

Real estate investors may find that HomeGo is a great option for those who need to sell their investment property quickly. HomeGo is a cash buyer who purchases tenant-occupied properties and handles the next steps for current tenants.

Some of the things we don’t love about HomeGo is that sellers essentially pay for repair costs by accepting a lower offer, typically 50 to 70% of the home’s value. This means that, while their advertising sounds attractive, HomeGo may not be the cash buyer that gives you the best deal when selling for cash.

HomeGo is based in Texas but serves 21 US states at the time of this writing, including California, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Michigan Home Sellers

Lakeshore Home Buyer is a Michigan-based cash buyer specializing in distressed properties.

Are you located in the Michigan area and need to sell your home fast? Lakeshore Home Buyer is the premier cash buyer in West Michigan that specializes in distressed homes and buying properties as-is with no repairs or cleaning necessary. Sellers enjoy no commissions, no closing costs, and no hassle when selling with Lakeshore Home Buyer.

Some of the things we love about Lakeshore Home Buyer is the no-hassle process of getting started. Navigate to the Lakeshore Home Buyer website or give them a call at (616) 202-6498 to share more information about your property and your timeline for selling. They’ll meet you at your property for a quick evaluation and provide a cash offer within 24 hours. 

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Final Thoughts

This article went over the eight best companies that buy houses for cash this year. Whether you’re located in San Francisco, Miami, or Detroit, these companies are highly reputable and provide a positive customer experience to those looking to sell. 

However, remember to weigh the pros and cons of selling your house for cash. While you may be able to close quickly and avoid making costly repairs, most cash buyers make offers well-below the fair market value of your home. 

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