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17 Of The Best Real Estate Books, Ranked!

Whether you are real estate agent, investor, flipper or wholesaler… we have a real estate book recommendation for you. Books on real estate investing seem to be a dime a dozen these days, so how do you know which real estate books are the best? Thankfully, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have every worthy real estate investing book ranked. We even did our rankings by category!

Categories include: Books on Real Estate Investing, Best Wholesale Real Estate Books, Best Books for Real Estate Agents, Best Real Estate Books for Beginners and Best Commercial Real Estate Books

Books on Real Estate Investing

With so many books about real estate investing, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down. Here is our rankings of the best real estate investing books for 2023.

1.) Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

It’s hard not to rank this real estate investing book number 1 overall. Robert Kiyosaki does a great job giving you the high level philosophy on being an entrepreneur and building wealth vs working a 9-5 job and getting stuck in the “rat race”. While this book isn’t only about real estate investing, he teaches a mindset that is timeless.

2.) The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

In a very short time, Brandon Turner has become a household name in the REI game. His book on rental property investing offers a no-nonsense approach on how to create wealth and passive income through smart buy and hold real estate investing. The former Bigger Pockets podcast host appeals to a younger generation of real estate investors with his strong social media following.

Amazon Link: The Book on Rental Property Investing

3.) Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat by David Greene

The BRRRR Rental Property Investing Strategy Made Simple. If you you want know everything there is to know about the BRRRR method, look no further. David Greene’s book does a fantastic job giving you the step-by-step blueprint on how to create passive income with multiple properties quickly. It’s also relatively easy to read and he does a great job simplifying the process.

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4.) The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

Gary Keller is a teacher and motivator and does an excellent job laying the foundation for building wealth through real estate investing. If you are not pumped up and ready to get started after reading this, you might be a lost cause! JK… read this book though, it won’t disappoint!

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book
The Millionaire Real Estate Investor: Gary Keller

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5.) The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

Deemed as “one of the greatest books on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth” this one ranks at #4. Although this is another book that isn’t exclusively about real estate, it takes a deep dive into the key principals that will lead you on a sure path to prosperity. We highly recommend this book for anyone serious about building wealth through real estate.

Amazon Link: Richest Man in Babylon

6.) The Book on Flipping Houses by J Scott

If you want the best book on how to flip houses, this one is it! J Scott covers everything you need to know about flipping houses, from finding deals to estimating repair costs and ARV, to managing the flip and selling the finished product. This is really a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to flip houses. You’ll be flipping your first house in no time after digesting the pages of this book!

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7.) How to Invest in Real Estate: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

Brandon Turner strikes again! This time with the founder of Bigger Pockets, Josh Dorkin. While many books of our rankings teach principals of wealth building, this book is all about taking action. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, start here! You may even start taking action before you finish!

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8.) Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing by Michael Blank

Michael Blank’s book gives you the blueprint to quitting your job with real estate – even without experience or cash. Also a podcaster and avid contributor on Bigger Pockets, Michael Blank is known as the #1 expert on apartment building investing and has over $300 million in multi-family assets all over the U.S. Read this book and discover the path to financial freedom in just 3-5 years.

Amazon Link: Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

9.) Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth by Avery Carl

These rankings wouldn’t be complete without a book on short term rentals. Out of all the STR books out there, it was a close call between this one and Airbnb Business by Jacob Harvey. But we liked that Avery also shared the top Airbnb markets to invest in. This is an all around excellent book that takes a deep dive into the trending short term rental market.

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10.) Long Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene

Looking to invest in real estate out of state? Look no further than David Greene’s book, Long Distance Real Estate Investing. The former police officer was living in San Francisco where deals with good CAP rates were hard to find. Because of this, he chose to invest his money in more affordable US markets. David became a millionaire by age 30 and he gives you the blueprint of how you can too. This book is filled with actionable steps and tells you exactly how to invest out of state.

Get it here on Amazon!

11.) Skip The Flip by Hayden Crabtree

Skip the Flip will teach you how to build your monthly cash flow so you never have to worry about money ever again. This real estate investing book by Hayden Crabtree is packed with investing strategies they don’t teach you in college. Touted as “easy to read” by many reviewers, this book will give you secrets only the 1% know about real estate investing.

Amazon Link: Skip The Flip

12.) The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor

When you build wealth with real estate investing, you need to start paying attention to taxes. This is the only book you will ever need when it comes to minimizing your tax burden on real estate investments. Authors Amanda Han and Matthew McFarland crafted a well-written, easy to read book that even the novice investor can comprehend. Don’t rely solely on your CPA to capture every deduction. Add this book to your library today so you never pay too much to Uncle Sam again!

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13.) Flip by Nick Ruiz

Flip: An Unconventional Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Entrepreneur and Building Your Dream Lifestyle. Nick Ruiz offers a straightforward no-nonsense approach to not only investing in real estate, but becoming a real estate entrepreneur. This is a shorter book (100 pages or so), but not short on content. The book focuses on the art of the deal and also teaches wholesaling real estate. A must read for those who have made up their mind about being a real estate entrepreneur!

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14.) How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This book by Dale Carnegie is a timeless classic and we just couldn’t leave it off the list. The first publication of this book was in 1936, but this version is updated for the next generation of leaders. In this book, you will learn how to communicate effectively, make people like you and become an effective leader. It’s not specific to real estate investing, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur this is really a must read.

Get it now on Amazon!

15.) The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner

Yes, another Brandon Turner book. One of the reasons he keeps showing up in our rankings is many of his investing strategies are relevant in today’s world. This real estate investing book is about acquiring real estate with very little to no money. Brandon teaches how to find great deals and how to use other people’s money to fund them.

Amazon Purchase Link

16.) How to Make a Million Dollars a Year Flipping Houses by Jerry Norton

Jerry Norton knows a thing or two about flipping houses. He went from construction worker to self-made millionaire by age 30 solely on flipping houses. This book is a little bit older (2014), but is one of the best books on flipping houses out there. It’s an easy read, and gives you step by step action items so you can go out and start flipping houses right away.

Amazon Link: How to Make a Million Dollars a Year Flipping Houses

17.) Airbnb Business: The New Up To Date Guide by Jacob Harvey

Rounding out the top 17, we have one more book on short term rentals. The New Up-to-Date Guide to Become a Successful Airbnb Superhost with a Fully Automated & Highly Profitable Property. Including Hard-to-Find … Secrets and Helpful Tips from the Experts.

Jacob Harvey’s book focuses on building a business exclusively through Airbnb. From finding the right properties to creating a premium listing and becoming a super host, this book has it all.

Get it here on Amazon!

Best Wholesale Real Estate Books

We love everything real estate but our real estate journey started with wholesaling houses. Do we recommend books on wholesaling houses? We sure do!

It should come as no surprise we are most excited about our “best wholesale real estate books” list. Without further ado, here is our best real estate wholesaling books for 2023.

1.) If You Can’t Wholesale After This…I’ve Got Nothing For You by Todd Fleming

2.) The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible by Than Merrill

3.) The Beginner’s Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate by Jeff Leighton

4.) The Wholesaling Blue Print by Luke Weber

5.) The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your First Wholesale Deal in 30 Days or Less (without spending money)

Best Books for Real Estate Agents

Want to become a top producing real estate agent? We have books for that too! Here are the best books for real estate agents, ranked!

1.) Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results. by Larry Kendall

2.) Exactly What To Say: For Real Estate Agents by Phil Jones

3.) The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents: It’s Your Time to Rise and Shine

4.) The Half Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Brian Ernst

5.) Sell 100+ Homes A Year by Krista Mashore

Best Real Estate Books for Beginners

With so many real estate books to chose from, it can get overwhelming trying to find the best real estate books for beginners. Not to worry, we have rankings for that category as well. If you are interested in real estate investing but have no clue how to get started, read one of these books.

1.) A Beginners Guide to Building Wealth With Real Estate by Jason Kogok

2.) Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide by Symon He

3.) How to be a Real Estate Investor by Phil Pustejovsky

4.) Real Estate Investing for Dummies by Eric Tyson

5.) The Flipping Blueprint by Luke Weber

Best Commercial Real Estate Books

Last but not least, we finalize our rankings the best commercial real estate books for 2023. This is a great list for those who are a little more experienced and want to pursue larger commercial assets such as apartments, office buildings, self-storage and mobile homes.

1.) The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy

2.) Crushing it In Apartments and Commercial Real Estate by Brian H. Murray

3.) Commercial Real Estate for Beginners by Peter Harris

4.) Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing by Douglas Marshall

5.) The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy

And there you have it, that concludes the our rankings of the best real estate investing books for 2023. If you are anything like me, I always need to be reading a book. This should keep you busy for a while 😎


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