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Click2Mail Review

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Click2Mail Review: Everything you need to know about Click2Mail

Click2Mail Review: Features, pricing, ease of use, support, speed

As a real estate wholesaler, I send out a lot of direct mail. I’ve used Click2Mail, Yellow Letters HQ, RESimpli, Ballpoint Marketing and others. Each service has its pros and cons. Here is my Click2Mail Review.

I was first introduced to Click2Mail in 2018 by someone on Bigger Pockets. When I first started wholesaling, I was constantly reading the BP forums, listening to podcasts with Brandon Turner and just being a sponge. Everything was new to me. I didn’t have much money for direct mail at the time. In fact, my first mailer ever was handwritten letters. No joke. I literally wrote over 300 letters and even wrote the sellers name and address on the front of the envelope. Took me about 3 weeks to finally finish it up and drop off at the post office. 

While I did get quite a few phone calls, I didn’t get any deals. Needless to say, that was way too much work and I quickly decided it was worth it to use a mailing service. I downloaded a list from ListSource, uploaded that list into Click2Mail and started playing around with their editor. I have to say, I wasn’t thrilled with the editor. In fact, my biggest gripe with my Click2Mail Review will be their editor. I like to get right to the point. It’s slow, buggy, very limited in what you can do in terms of changing the font, using graphics, etc. It’s great if you just want to send out postcards with text and nothing else. If you want a cool design with your logo, graphics and colors look elsewhere. 

Now, for what I do, Click2Mail actually works pretty well. As a real estate wholesaler, I send out lots of postcards and many marketing experts will tell you the simpler the better. That’s why Michael Quarles founded Yellow Letters HQ. There have been studies that show a simple yellow letter with a short message has a higher return rate than a fancy mail piece with glossy graphics and cheesy marketing tag lines. I’m no marketing expert but in my limited experience I would have to agree. Motivated sellers seem to respond more frequently to a short, simple message from someone local.

What does Click2Mail do well? Speed. Out of all the mailing companies I’ve used, Click2Mail is by far the quickest when it comes to production time and sending out your mail. The standard process for other mailing services require that you pay for your mail first before they send you a proof. Many of them will let you select the date your mail goes out, but the earliest I’ve seen is still at least 7-10 days out. Proofs are usually sent by email after you pay, and even the proofs can take 2-3 days to be generated.

With Click2Mail, there is no waiting. In fact, they will send you a proof BEFORE you pay. So you approve the design first, select your mailing date and then pay. The best part? Your mail will go out as quickly as the next business day. This, my friends, blows the competition away if you are in a hurry to get your mail out. Maybe they do their printing in house. Whatever they do, it’s fast and efficient!

Let’s talk pricing. From what I’ve seen, they are pretty competitive. When it comes to the price of a postcard, most of these services will give you a discount when you buy in bulk. If you buy a sh*t ton of postcards, you will get a huge discount! I send out a lot of 4.25 x 6″ postcards, double-sided, black & white on colored paper (usually yellow or light blue). Here is their pricing for that:

click2mail pricing

Click2Mail Review: Pricing for a standard double-sided, 4.25 x 6″ postcard.

So far in this Click2Mail review we have talked about their sluggish editor, blazing fast speed and pricing. Those are main talking points I wanted to highlight. I don’t have a ton of experience with their support, but I do remember making a call once to get help with the editor. The customer support rep was very friendly and helpful. She actually did all the work for me on the backend to make my design perfect. So, while the editor is difficult to use, the fact that they will help with your custom design is a bonus.

Like other direct mailing services, you will be able to track all of your mailing campaigns, save your designs, upload your mailing lists and more. There are a ton of additional features that I don’t use so I won’t include them in my review. As a real estate marketer, I’m really only using this platform for one thing, sending out postcards. It’s pretty good overall if you only intend on sending out basic postcards to motivated sellers. 

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