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Barbara Corcoran Net Worth & Bio

Investor, Speaker, Author, Founder of the Corcoran Group, Television Personality

Net Worth: $80 million

DOB: March 10, 1949

Hometown: Edgewater, New Jersey

Barbara Corcoran in yellow flower dress
Shark Tank Star, Barbara Corcoran net worth is $80 Million.

Multi-millionaire Barbara Corcoran’s life story is built on the pillars of failure. The setbacks she’s endured could have been used as excuses to give up, but instead, Barbara used them as personal fuel. 

She was born in Edgewater, New Jersey, as the second of ten children. She is dyslexic, and because of this, her time spent in school was extremely difficult. Teachers and students alike called her stupid, with one teacher in particular telling her she’d never amount to anything. Barbara said this failure was her first inspiration.

She had worked 20 odd jobs by the time she turned 23, and it was then that her boyfriend loaned her $1,000 to begin a real estate firm. Finding real estate was the turning point. This opportunity brought her away from her small hometown and into bigger ventures. When her boyfriend left her for her secretary, she continued a business partnership with him for two years, until she decided to leave and run the firm herself. At this time, he told her, “You’ll never succeed without me.” This failed relationship was her second inspiration. 

Since then, the Corcoran Group became one of the largest brokerage businesses in America.  In 2001, at the height of its success, Barbara sold it to NRT for $66mil. She hasn’t stopped seeking opportunities to fail, out of which have come great successes. Barbara has been an investor on the hit business show “Shark Tank” for all of its 13 seasons, investing in over 80 businesses. She is the host of the business podcast “Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran,” and also hosts CNBC’s “The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran.” 

Barbara now lives in Manhattan with her husband Bill Higgins, a former FBI agent. She exudes positivity in her work and is a firm believer that failure can only be used as fuel. Her life is a testament to that.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth is $80 Million in 2023.

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