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DoorLoop Reviews in 2024 – Pros, Cons, and Pricing

DoorLoop reviews show it's an effective platform for property managers and real estate investors.
Let’s take a look at DoorLoop and why it’s such a popular software solution for real estate professionals.

Whether you need to manage a single rental property or a portfolio of dozens of investments, it’s crucial to have the right software at your fingertips. Without a robust property management software solution, property managers and rental property owners won’t be able to manage their businesses effectively.

One real estate software solution gaining popularity is DoorLoop. This comprehensive property management and real estate investment software allows you to manage your entire real estate business within one easy-to-access dashboard available on any device with an internet connection.

DoorLoop has a suite of features so you can streamline your tenant acquisition, maintenance scheduling, accounting, and marketing efforts all at once. Let’s take a look at online DoorLoop reviews and give you our assessment of this popular property management software.

What is DoorLoop?

DoorLoop logo.

DoorLoop is an all-in-one solution for property management and rental property investing. The platform is currently active in over 100 countries and automates hundreds of thousands of properties for real estate professionals around the world.

Founded in 2019, the company quickly gained traction due to successful marketing efforts by the executive team. They’ve been featured in a number of publications, including Forbes, TechCrunch, TheRealDeal, and Fox News for their innovative approach to property management software.

Who is DoorLoop Best For?

Real estate investor showing renovation progress to prospective homeowners.
DoorLoop may not be right for you in some cases.

DoorLoop isn’t ideal for all real estate professionals. In fact, only a few types of real estate business owners should consider using DoorLoop, including:

  • Real Estate Investors: The primary target users for DoorLoop are real estate investors looking for a solution to managing their rental portfolios. DoorLoop is designed to streamline the day-to-day tasks that often bog down rental property owners so they can focus on acquiring more properties and growing their businesses.
  • Property Managers: Property management companies use DoorLoop for a number of reasons, perhaps the most important being accounting and financial management. DoorLoop lets property managers stay on top of their income and expenses with detailed charts and custom reporting features.
  • Leasing Agents: DoorLoop is also useful for leasing agents by managing the leasing process from A to Z. Leasing agents can upload their lease agreements directly to DoorLoop and send them to prospective tenants for e-signature. DoorLoop also makes it easy to automate rent payments and keep track of delinquencies.
  • Real Estate Marketers: While DoorLoop isn’t known for their marketing features, they’re still worth discussing. Marketing professionals working for real estate investment firms or property management companies use DoorLoop to advertise listings and attract new tenants to their properties.

DoorLoop Reviews

DoorLoop reviews are generally positive from current and past users online.

After checking out tons of online DoorLoop reviews, we’ve decided it’s a platform worth considering for any of the above real estate professionals. Here’s how other real estate review platforms and actual users rated DoorLoop:

  • GetApp: 4.9/5 rating (from 540 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 4.8/5 rating (from 243 reviews)
  • G2: 4.8/5 rating (from 44 reviews)

We reviewed all the DoorLoop reviews online and have a few takeaways for prospective users. First, real estate professionals using DoorLoop praised the cloud-based platform and its mobile application for managing their businesses on the go. They also said that it’s a great platform to easily store and manage important documents in one place.

On the flip side, many online DoorLoop reviews from users stated that the platform is difficult to learn for those new to the property management industry. Users claim that, because there are so many features, getting up and running on the platform can be a difficult process for beginners. 

Additionally, DoorLoop reviews claim that there are hidden fees that go beyond the normal cost of the software. Users mentioned that DoorLoop charges extra to import tenant information and for ACH bank transfers.

Pros of DoorLoop

DoorLoop benefits and why it's a useful platform for property managers and real estate investors.
Let’s find out the top reasons you should use DoorLoop for your real estate business.

DoorLoop is a powerful platform for real estate professionals in the property management industry. There’s no denying that thousands of real estate investors and property managers use DoorLoop with incredible success. Here are a few of the pros of DoorLoop:

Robust Property Management

DoorLoops allows you to manage residential, commercial, and industrial properties around the world with ease. Store all your tenant information in one cloud-based system and manage important documents with your team members.

DoorLoop also gives users the ability to search for new properties by keywords with an advanced search for any area you wish to target. Simply filter by property type, ownership status, property class, or portfolio. 

Rental Listing Management

Property managers and investors may not have a streamlined approach to managing their rental property listings. This is why DoorLoop is such a popular real estate software platform.

DoorLoop’s plans come with a custom website with beautifully-designed templates so you can drive traffic to your rental listings to attract new renters. Tenants can apply directly through the website inside a tenant portal for quick access to rental applications and updates.

A+ Customer Support

Many positive DoorLoop reviews mentioned the above average customer support from the DoorLoop team. They claim to maintain a 98.6% customer satisfaction rating with a 5 minute average response time, 24 hour session guarantee, and 99.9% uptime in 2023.

DoorLoop’s customer service team can assist with data migration to import data from your previous property management software. Additionally, DoorLoop helps onboarding new employees with a dedicated onboarding representative.

Advanced Reporting

Generating comprehensive performance reports is crucial if you want to run a profitable and sustainable real estate business. Luckily, DoorLoop invested a substantial amount of resources in building their reporting capabilities on the platform.

Users can generate financial statements for a detailed view of each business transaction and cash flow analysis. You’ll get real-time updates on your business performance and suggestions on how to optimize your spending in the future.

Cons of DoorLoop

The cons of DoorLoop may outweigh the benefits.

DoorLoop has plenty of great features, but there are some downsides to consider before signing up for the platform:

  • Lack of Training Support: While DoorLoop excels at customer service support, many DoorLoop reviews show that there aren’t enough training resources to get new users up-to-speed on the platform. 
  • ACH Transactions: Payments made through ACH take six days to clear with banking institutions, which means business owners will need to budget for this delay.
  • No Free Trial: Unlike other property management software, DoorLoop doesn’t offer a free trial to prospective users. This means you’ll need to request a demo with the DoorLoop team to decide if the platform is right for you before migrating your entire business onto the software.
  • Cost for Tenant Screening: While screening tenants is one of the key features of DoorLoop, the service isn’t free. DoorLoop’s pricing page doesn’t outline the cost of tenant screening, but one DoorLoop user stated that he charges tenants for the screening since it’s not included with DoorLoop’s plan.

DoorLoop Features

Here's the top features of DoorLoop's comprehensive software solution.
Here are the top features of DoorLoop’s comprehensive software solution.

We’ve gone over the pros and cons of DoorLoop, now let’s talk about the primary features of the platform and why you should consider DoorLoop for your property management software.

CRM and Lead Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the best ways to stay in contact with potential tenants to make sure no one gets left behind throughout the application process. DoorLoop has comprehensive CRM features to keep track of tenants, vendors, and property owners with automated follow up tasks and portals.

Store their contact information, track their progress in your marketing funnel, and form genuine relationships that convert potential tenants into paying renters all through DoorLoop’s CRM.

eSignatures and Rental Applications

With DoorLoop, you no longer need to spend time chasing down applicants for signatures and wasting your day trying to get them to complete their rental applications.

DoorLoop’s eSignature process and automated reminders ensure that tenants are more likely to sign their documents on time.

Advanced Accounting 

Tracking income and expenses isn’t always easy with other real estate software solutions. That’s why DoorLoop makes it incredibly easy to manage everything from payments, maintenance expenses, security deposits, late fees, and repairs right on the platform.

DoorLoop also lets real estate businesses automate the payment process with prescheduled rent invoices each month to tenants. Owners can also send late fee notices and payment receipts with DoorLoop’s automation tools.

Maintenance and Vendor Management

Managing maintenance requests and working with vendors is an integral part of real estate investing and property management. DoorLoop has maintenance features that allow users to track work orders submitted through a tenant portal to avoid the messy process of tenants calling and emailing about maintenance issues.

Their vendor management system onboards vendors to DoorLoop for status updates as jobs are in progress and work their way towards completion. With DoorLoop’s automated workflows, owners save time and keep tenants satisfied by promptly handling maintenance requests.

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DoorLoop Pricing

DoorLoop is one of the premium solutions on the market, which means their software comes with a higher price tag than other lesser-known providers. Here’s their pricing structure based on a yearly subscription for up to 20 units:

  • Starter: Starts at $29.50 per month for the first 2 months, then jumps to $59 per month. Includes basic features like accounting and financials, CRM, maintenance management, tenant screening, and tenant portals.
  • Pro: Starts at $59.50 per month for the first 2 months, then increases to $119 per month. Includes Starter features plus custom dashboards, marketing suite, outgoing payments, and user access roles.
  • Premium: Starts at $84.50 per month for the first 2 months, then jumps to $169 per month. Includes Pro plan plus free ACH payments, API access, unlimited users, Zapier integration, and unlimited data storage.

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Final Thoughts

DoorLoop is a powerful platform for both property managers and investors looking for a comprehensive solution to real estate investing and property management. Their tenant management, CRM, and accounting features make them a good choice for both new and experienced real estate professionals.

However, the high price tag and hidden fees may make some investors and property managers decide to explore other options. 

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