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Flipster Reviews in 2024 – Worth the Cost?

Flipster Review for real estate investors
Flipster Review: Is Flipster worth the money?

In today’s real estate market, finding high-quality deals and making the right offers to sellers is the name of the game. Whether you’re a real estate wholesaler, flipper, investor, or solopreneur, you’ll need a comprehensive software solution if you want to stay ahead of the competition. 

That’s where Flipster comes in. This powerful software helps many real estate professionals source potential deals with the tools needed to run a real estate business in the modern world. If you’re already involved in real estate investing or looking to get started, Flipster should be a top choice.

After reading Flipster reviews, we found that Flipster has helped thousands of real estate professionals close more deals and grow their businesses easier than ever before. Keep reading to find out our take on Flipster along with insights from other online Flipster reviews.

What is Flipster?

Learn more about Flipster and why it's such a popular real estate investing software program today.

Jerry Norton founded Flipping Mastery in 2014 with the goal of helping others achieve their dreams of financial freedom through real estate investing. He soon became well-known in the real estate space and started mentoring aspiring investors on how to get started in the real estate business. Shortly after founding Flipping Mastery, Flipster was born. 

The platform is designed for new and experienced real estate investors who want to start or grow their real estate investing business. When you sign up for Flipster, you’ll have access to tons of powerful features. Some of the top features of Flipster include a deal analyzer, advanced skip tracing, ringless voicemail automation, budget trackers, and much more.

Flipster users have access to over 150 million property listings throughout the United States. These listings cover nearly every major metropolitan area as well as smaller suburbs and towns throughout the country. This means that, wherever you’re located, Flipster has listings in your neck of the woods.

Who is Flipster For?

Is Flipster right for you?
Is Flipster right for you?

Like we mentioned, Flipster isn’t for everyone involved in real estate and appeals to a specific demographic in the industry. Here’s a list of real estate professionals who should consider using Flipster in their business:

  • Real Estate Flippers: As you can guess from the name, Flipster’s primary users are real estate flippers who purchase homes, renovate them, and sell them for a profit. Flipster has all the tools that flippers need to find deals and grow their businesses without spending hours cold calling and following up with leads.
  • Wholesalers: Real estate wholesalers also use Flipster to locate deals and communicate with property owners. Using Flipster, wholesalers target out-of-state owners, Craigslist leads, pre-foreclosures, and absentee owners then transfer the contract to house flippers or investors. 
  • Investors: Traditional real estate investing firms tap into Flipster’s potential for new business with their vast database of properties nationwide. Flipster includes listings for vacant homes, REOs, auctions, and leads from the MLS.
  • Agencies: Aside from real estate professionals, agencies use Flipster on behalf of house flippers and investors to locate deals for them. Agency owners source deals for investors and get paid a commission when the deal closes for their part in finding the deal.

Flipster Key Features

Flipster has tons of helpful features that allows real estate investors to scale their business. Online Flipster reviews show the platform's capability for lead sourcing and automation.

We could write an entire article on Flipster’s features since there are so many, but let’s focus on the main selling points of the Flipster platform.

Property Database

As we mentioned, Flipster’s main advantage for real estate investors is its database of nationwide listings. Users can filter Flipster properties based on their investing strategy. For example, flippers can filter Flipster listings to show properties purchased by cash buyers who are likely to buy more houses in the future.

Additionally, Flipster has the ability to locate tired landlords who’ve owned their property for over eight years and may be willing to accept a low cash offer. 

Custom Motivated Sellers Site

Unlike their competitors, Flipster offers users the ability to create a custom website with logos, branding, and a website domain that attracts motivated sellers in your market. Flipster users can create their website and drive traffic through online advertising to generate interest from sellers looking for an investor like you.

Additionally, Flipster’s motivated sellers site feature comes with dozens of beautiful website templates so you won’t have to spend hours designing the site or paying a website developer to put it all together.

Property Workflows

Another feature of Flipster is the property workflow tools that help investors through every step of the deal generation process. Flipster has comprehensive training modules as well as written scripts and templates to get you started pitching sellers and closing deals on day one.

Contract Templates

One of the most important components of real estate investing is contract management. Investors need to make sure that they’re following all legal regulations to mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary legal disputes down the line. 

Luckily, Flipster has a library of contracts approved by attorneys in all 50 states so you can be sure your agreements are ironclad. You’ll find seller agreements, contractor terms and conditions, and many more types of contracts within the Flipster library.

Lead Dashboard

Flipster not only allows you to find motivated sellers, cash buyers, and vacant properties, but also makes it easy to store those leads in a user-friendly dashboard.

Users can segment their leads based on categories and locations for easy sorting and finding past leads that showed interest. 

Training and Resources

Flipster isn’t the most user-friendly software for beginners, which is why it comes with a comprehensive training center with lessons on wholesaling, fix & flip strategies, investing best practices, and how to use the platform most effectively. 

Cons of Flipster

Flipster is a formidable contender for software solutions exclusively used by wholesalers, flippers, and investors. However, several Flipster reviews point out the downsides of the platform and why you may want to consider alternative real estate investing software

  • Higher-Priced Option: Flipster is well-known in the real estate industry, which means it comes with a higher price tag than other comparable software solutions. Beginners may need to find a more budget-friendly option at first.
  • Public Data: While Flipster has over 150 million properties in its database, much of the listings and information is available to the public. However, Flipster’s dashboard and search features make it easy to compile the information and organize it in one easy-to-access location.
  • Marketing Features: Flipster offers marketing features to users in their higher-tier packages, but it’s unclear on their effectiveness. 
  • Adding Team Members: Adding users on Flipster isn’t so simple. The Prime plan is the only package that allows for multiple user logins, which may make it difficult for big teams to share a single account amongst themselves. 

Flipster Cost

Are the premium offerings of this powerful software worth the price tag?
Flipster’s premium offerings come with a cost.

As we pointed out above, one of the biggest drawbacks of Flipster is the cost. Several older Flipster reviews mentioned that the platform offers a two-week trial, but it seems like Flipster has done away with that offering.

Currently, every Flipster user must choose between three plans: Basic, Pro, or Prime.

The Basic plan is the entry level package that starts at $97 per month. This plan comes with 10,000 leads per month, deep skip tracing, property workflows, contract management, and email marketing templates. Most beginners and novices should have everything they need in the Basic plan.

Next is the Pro plan which starts at $197 per month. The Pro plan includes everything with the Basic plan plus proof of funds, private funding sources, 24/7 answering service, virtual assistance, and the Instant Deal Analyzer software.

Finally, Flipster has the Prime plan at a whopping $397 per month. It comes with 50,000 leads per month plus four cash buyer websites, a private money website, LLC flipper kit, multiple user logins, and a motivated seller site.

Keep in mind that Flipster’s homepage makes it very difficult to select a plan yourself. Once you click the “Add to Cart” option, Flipster automatically adds the Basic subscription package to your shopping cart without giving you the option to select other plans. Users will have to navigate to their pricing page (which isn’t visible on their main home page) to see a full breakdown of what’s included with each Flipster plan.

Final Thoughts

Flipster reviews from actual customers on the Flipster website highlight the platform’s effectiveness in locating deals and providing investors with the tools needed to grow their businesses. 

However, Flipster may be too expensive for many beginner real estate entrepreneurs and lacks some of the marketing features that other platforms offer. Visit CrushingREI.com for more information on real estate software and how to crush real estate investing this year!

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