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Harlan Crow Net Worth & Clarence Thomas

The jaw dropping estate of Harlan Crow is loaded with artifacts, sculptures and rare art only a billionaire could afford.
The jaw dropping estate of Harlan Crow is loaded with artifacts, sculptures and rare art only a billionaire could afford.

Harlan Crow’s net worth is a testament to his upbringing and his success in real estate. Most notably, he is a wealthy real estate developer who previously served as the chairman and CEO of the Trammell Crow Company. The company was founded by his esteemed father, Trammell Crow, who was once recognized by Forbes magazine as the “largest landlord in the United States.”

Crow co-founded Club for Growth and is a prominent supporter of the Republican Party and conservative initiatives. In 2023, his long-standing friendship with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas garnered significant media attention from allegations that Thomas had failed to report gifts and vacations provided by Crow on financial disclosure forms.

In this article we will explore Harlan Crow’s early years, success in real estate, political activities and philanthropic pursuits. Harlan Crow’s net worth reflects his remarkable achievements and profound impact in the real estate industry and broader spheres of influence.

The Early Years

Born in 1949 in Dallas, TX, Harlan is the third son of Margaret Doggett Crow and Trammell Crow. He attended high school at Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, VA and subsequently began college studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, before transferring to the University of Texas, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree.

Following his education, Harlan Crow embarked on a diverse career path. He started as a leasing agent for Trammell Crow Houston Industrial, where he worked from 1974 to 1978. He then began to work in the family real estate business and assumed a role managing development operations for Trammell Crow Company from 1978 to 1986. Later, he served as President of the Wyndham Hotel Company from 1986 to 1988.

Crow took over the family business in 1988 and never looked back.
Crow took over the family business in 1988 and never looked back.

The Family Business

It wasn’t until he took over Crow Holdings in 1988 where Harlan Crow’s net worth really took off. The family business wasn’t doing well financially when Harlan took over but it didn’t take him long to turn things around. Crow expanded the company’s portfolio by venturing into property management services, breathing new life into the organization. In 2011, Crow Holdings was registered as a Registered Investment Advisor and in 2018 the firm had over $10 billion of assets under management. Today, Harlan Crow holds the position of chairman at Crow Holdings, having previously served as its CEO.

In addition to Crow Holdings Capital, Harlan launched Crow Holdings Industrial in 2013 to develop distribution and fulfillment facilities. The company has developed over 30 million square feet of industrial space for major companies such as Amazon, LG, Whole Foods and Williams & Sonoma. Crow Holdings Industrial is dedicated to implementing environmentally-friendly warehouse standards, incorporating green and recycled construction materials whenever feasible.

Harlan Crow's net worth is evident in this photo of him in his mansion sitting by the fireplace.
Harlan Crow Net Worth: between $2.5 – 3 Billion

Harlan Crow Net Worth

It’s no surprise that Harlan Crow’s net worth is in the billions. As of 2023, Harlan Crow’s net worth is between $2.5 – 3 billion USD. However, Over the years, Crow has made significant investments in real estate, including commercial properties, residential developments, and hotels. These investments have significantly appreciated over time, contributing to his wealth. His leadership and ownership of Crow Holdings and the company’s property management firm have significantly contributed to his wealth and net worth. Harlan Crow’s net worth is largely due to inheriting a fortune. However, his wealth is also a testament to his leadership and business accumen for substantially growing the family business after taking over.

Political Activity

Harlan Crow is a major donor to the republican party. As a member of the Club for Growth and a board member of the American Enterprise Institute since 1996, Crow has played a significant role in shaping conservative economic policies and promoting free-market principles. His political influence extends to his substantial financial contributions, with nearly $5 million in donations to Republican campaigns and conservative organizations.

One of Harlan Crow’s prominent contributions was his $500,000 donation towards publicity campaigns for President George W. Bush’s nominees to the Supreme Court, showcasing his support for conservative judicial appointments. In 2009, Crow led a multimillion-dollar campaign to block the establishment of a publicly owned convention hotel in Dallas, although this effort ultimately proved unsuccessful. Crow’s political contributions also extended to causes beyond campaign funding; for instance, in the same year, he provided $500,000 to Liberty Central, an organization established by Virginia Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas. Crow’s decision to remain anonymous about this donation, stating, “I don’t disclose what I’m not required to disclose,” added an element of intrigue to his political activities.

In 2023, The New Republic reported that Crow continued to be a major donor to the political organization No Labels, reflecting his ongoing commitment to bipartisan and centrist approaches to governance. His involvement in conservative politics and philanthropy underscores his enduring influence in shaping the direction of American political discourse.

Relationship with Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been scrutinized for not disclosing gifts over the years from Harlan Crow.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been scrutinized for not disclosing gifts over the years from Harlan Crow.

Harlan Crow’s relationship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been a subject of interest and scrutiny in political and legal circles. Crow and Thomas have been associated through various connections, primarily as friends and allies within conservative and Republican circles.

One of the most notable aspects of their relationship is Harlan Crow’s significant financial contributions to causes associated with Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia Thomas. In 2009, Crow provided $500,000 to Liberty Central, a conservative advocacy organization founded by Virginia Thomas.

Controversy in 2023

In 2023, ProPublica reported that Harlan Crow gave costly gifts to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas over two decades, including a $19,000 Bible, a portrait, and $105,000 in donations to Yale Law School for the “Justice Thomas Portrait Fund”. Crow also took Justice Thomas on luxurious trips on his super yacht and private jet, contributed property payments, and home improvements for Thomas’s mother. Harlan Crow’s net worth being in the billions gave even more attention to the matter.

Allegations arose that Crow was supporting Thomas’s lifestyle while he made conservative decisions on the Supreme Court. New rules require gift disclosures by justices, but experts claimed Thomas didn’t follow these rules. Crow denied trying to influence Thomas. Democrats called for Thomas’s resignation.

Crow’s lawyer argued the Senate Judiciary Committee lacked authority to investigate their personal friendship.

Harlan Crow next to a sculpture in his Dallas, TX mansion.
Harlan Crow next to a sculpture in his Dallas, TX mansion.

Harlan Crow Philanthropy

Harlan Crow is renowned not only for his involvement in conservative politics but also for his philanthropic endeavors. As a philanthropist, Crow has dedicated substantial resources to various charitable causes, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

One of Crow’s notable philanthropic contributions is his support for education. He has made significant donations to educational institutions, including the University of Dallas and Southern Methodist University, where he established the Harlan Crow Library at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Crow’s contributions to education extend beyond financial support; he has also been an advocate for educational reform and policies that promote academic excellence.

In addition to education, Harlan Crow’s philanthropy encompasses support for cultural and historical preservation. He has made substantial donations to museums, historical sites, and art institutions, with a focus on conserving and showcasing American heritage. Crow’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate a dedication to fostering knowledge, preserving history, and enriching the cultural fabric of society, making him a notable figure in the realm of philanthropy.

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