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Investor Carrot Review

Investor Carrot Review: Real Estate Investor Websites. Worth it for motivated seller leads? Read more to find out!

OnCarrot: Real Estate Investor Websites Review

If you are a real estate investor, wholesaler, house flipper or anyone looking for great deals on properties, you need to have a great website. Your site has to look credible and SEO optimized so motivated sellers can find you.

It’s 2022, and more and more people are using the internet to find what they are looking for. You have multiple options when it comes to building out a website. I personally use Investor Carrot / OnCarrot. Here is my Investor Carrot review.

Investor Carrot Review: I have used Investor Carrot for nearly 3 years (previously upgraded from a lousy Square Space site) and have spent a lot of time building out my site. One of the reasons I wanted to write this Investor Carrot review was to educate investors on what it takes to actually rank well in a competitive market.

There is a common misconception that if you buy an OnCarrot site, add your company name, logo and phone number, you are done. Well sure, you can be done, but I promise you won’t get any motivated seller leads. Investor Carrot does provide pre-written content, images, lead forms and even blog posts. However, they also sell thousands of websites and if everybody has the same content, don’t you think Google will have a problem with that? Yep. It is nearly impossible to rank well if your site looks exactly like 5,000 other websites.

OnCarrot Review: Pro’s

Here’s why I like OnCarrot. Just like I mentioned above, they do have pre-written content. And it’s actually pretty good. It’s also SEO optimized. Now, if you don’t change any of it, your site isn’t going to get any love from the search engines. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to change everything. It’s a lot easier to re-write content that already exists than to start from scratch. Leaving some content “as-is” or simply changing a few words is much better than doing nothing at all.

They also offer blog posts. Upgrade to Carrot’s Advance Marketer package ($199/mo) and you get access to premium content including hundreds of blog posts only 8% of customers utilize.

Carrot also has a built-in SEO checker very similar to the Yoast Plugin offered by WordPress. The checker is an excellent tool to make sure you are using your target keywords with high frequency, adding internal backlinks, relevant images, meta descriptions and more.

Additionally, they also have some efficiencies built in to easily create city pages. They make it easy to replicate the home page and add in all the nearby cities you want to target. This helps your SEO and will give you more keywords to rank for.

Investor Carrot Review: Con’s

While there are many pro’s, I have to keep this Investor Carrot review honest and share the bad. I wouldn’t even call it bad, just know if you think you are buying a website in a box that will give you leads without doing anything, you are in for world of hurt.

And at a price tag of $50-150/month, it’s not worth it to simply buy a Carrot site and do nothing. There are cheaper options out there.

The truth is, you have to add your branding and change most of the content to have success. The Investor Carrot site is a great starting point, but you will need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to revamping your content if you want to stand a chance at outranking the big boys.

Investor Carrot Review: Recommend or No?

This OnCarrot Review review (notice how I keep switching it up between OnCarrot Review and Investor Carrot Review? That’s SEO, take notice!) wouldn’t be complete without a recommendation. So, here it is.

Yes, I do recommend you sign up with Investor Carrot if you are serious about building a wholesaling or house flipping business and you want to get motivated seller leads. I only recommend doing this if you can dedicate several hours per week (for 30-60 days) re-writing the content and re-branding the site. You need to build credibility and stand out so your Carrot site doesn’t look like the other 5,000 carrot sites out there.

SEO For Real Estate Investors

If you are like me, getting a few leads trickled in here and there is not good enough. You want that website to outrank the competition right? We already talked about customizing and re-branding your site to build credibility. But how do you write good content that is SEO optimized?

The answer: You need to learn how. It’s not hard, it’s not rocket science. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. In 2019, I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no idea what SEO was, let alone how to write SEO content to attract motivated sellers. Here’s a little secret, Jerryll Noorden does.

I am about as anti-guru, anti-spend money on coaching, training, you name it, as it gets. But Jerryll’s sales pitch got me. When he showed his email inbox of lead after lead after lead, I was sold.

Best money I’ve ever spent. The amount SEO leads I have closed since paying for Jerryll’s program has paid for it twenty-fold, easily.

SEO for Real Estate Investors with Jerryll Noorden.

Writing SEO Rich Content

Not everyone will have the money to pay for SEO content services – that’s ok. You can still get a Carrot site and start writing new content. Here are some quick tips on how to write SEO optimized content.

Key Phrase Repetition: Make sure you are using your key phrases multiple times on your home page and city pages. Include the key phrase in the title, headings, captions and meta descriptions.

Common Key Phrases: The best key phrases to target are: “We Buy Houses in [City, State]”, “Sell My House Fast [City, State]”, “Cash Home Buyers [City, State]”, “Sell house as is”, “sell house without a realtor”. There are many more but this is a good starting point.

Add Credible Pictures and Videos: Adding YouTube videos and relevant pictures is a great way to boost SEO ranks. Make sure you include your target keywords in the captions and alt text.

Write Long, Content Rich Blog Posts: The longer the post, the more opportunity you have to write great content and hit multiple key phrases while doing it. You also have the opportunity to add more backlinks to other pages within your site.

Build Your Brand: Pay someone to create an awesome logo for you. Have a professional take some pictures of you and your business partners. Even better, pay someone to create a brand video that you can add to your homepage.

Get Your Business On Google: This is huge. You will need to verify your physical address. If you don’t have an office, you can use your home address and then hide it. Then you can ask your happy customers for reviews. Then you can take those google reviews and add them to your Carrot site.

For a more tips on writing SEO optimized content for real estate investors, check out this video!

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