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Investor Lift Review for Wholesaling Real Estate

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There are a few Investor Lift reviews out there, but most of them just give you an overview of what the software is. The difference with my Investor Lift Review is I will give you honest feedback. I will tell you the good and the bad about the product and tell you whether or not it’s worth the investment for your business.

I have been using Investor Lift for about a year in my wholesaling business. Our business does over 100k per month in assignment fee revenue here in Michigan and we are looking to expand into other markets. The biggest question for me was: Does the potential benefit of Investor Lift outweigh the cost? If you are on the fence, hopefully this Investor Lift review will help you make an informed decision.

What is InvestorLift?

If you are reading this Investor Lift review, you probably already have an idea of what Investor Lift is. In a nutshell, Investor Lift is an online marketplace for off-market wholesale deals. Almost like an eBay or Amazon for off-market real estate. Founded in 2019 by Harvard grad Robert Wensley & wife Eliza Wensley, Investor Lift was designed to help wholesalers sell more deals to investors by bringing more visibility to the disposition side of the business.

Just like Zillow, Investor Lift has a map view so you can view all off-market wholesale deals in any geographic area.

The concept is brilliant for wholesalers and investors. The idea is, wholesaler’s will get more visibility on their deals and investors will get to see all deals available in their market (assuming there are enough wholesaler’s posting deals). It can also drive competition for the deals and even bidding wars.

Investor Lift is also a cash buyer rolodex. Just like email marketing software such as Mailchimp, you can send an email blast or a text blast to your cash buyer’s list to notify them of your new deal. In addition to uploading your existing buyers list, Investor Lift tracks all data on flip buyers in any US market. That’s right, Investor Lift will tell you who is buying flips in your market and help you contact them so you can add to your buyer’s list.

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While Investor Lift focuses primarily on the disposition side of wholesaling, they also offer a seller site that can help with acquisitions. Many investor lift reviews point out that the seller site is generic and requires a PPC ad campaign with Google. However, this generic site has been proven to bring in leads in any market.

Investor Lift for Dispositions

A wholesale deal is comprised of two main components: acquisitions and dispositions. Both are equally important. Without a deal you’ve got nothing to sell and without a buyer you’ve got no deal. Investor Lift was designed to help you sell your wholesale deals to cash buyers.

Many investor lift reviews suggest that the software has helped them move their wholesale deals faster and at higher prices. This is especially true in larger markets with lots of active buyers. Unfortunately, I am in a small to medium size market here in Michigan and Investor Lift has not been much help with dispositions. There are very few deals being posted on Investor Lift in my local market and not much buyer activity. I do get some buyers (not on my buyers list) viewing my deals, and I even had an offer from another wholesaler, but nothing that stuck. Lucky for me, I have a massive cash buyers list and great buyer relationships in my market, so I can usually dispo my deals pretty easily on my own.

Even though I am not moving deals on Investor Lift quite yet, I can tell I am getting more visibility on my deals. Also, my existing buyers are starting to register with Investor Lift and view my deals on Investor Lift. I’m sticking with it because I believe an online marketplace for wholesale deals is the future and Investor Lift is on the forefront. It’s just the matter of time before most wholesale transactions take place on a platform like Investor Lift.

Posting a Deal on Investor Lift

When I get a wholesale deal under contract, I use Mailchimp to create an email template I can blast out to my cash buyers list. I wrote an entire review on using Mailchimp for wholesaling here. It’s just as easy to post a deal on Investor Lift. Below is a screen shot of the “create new property” screen.

Adding a deal to Investor Lift is easy enough.

It will ask you to fill out fields such as property address, # of beds and baths, square footage, year built, parking type, etc. You also need to add in your asking price and ” buy it now price”. Like Ebay, Investor Lift has a feature where someone can click “buy it now” and get the house without making an offer. Typically, the buy-it-now price would be higher than the asking price.

Once you have entered in all the property info and photos, videos, Matterports, etc simply mark the deal as ‘available’ and click save. Now your deal is live. You will also get a prompt to send email and text notifications but you can do that later if you choose.

Email & Text Notifications

One of the key features I wanted to highlight in my Investor Lift review is the email & text notifications to your cash buyers. Obviously, this is an important part of dispositions because the more visibility you can get from your buyers the better chance you will have to sell your deals. Investor Lift allows you to import your existing buyers list to the platform so you can create a deal and send an email & text blast to your list.

Once your property has been added, you are just a few clicks away from sending the deal to your list. The first time I tried to send notifications, it was a little confusing because you have to add at least one geotag. I’m only in one market and usually I would send email blasts to all of my buyers. I didn’t have any geotags for my existing buyers list, so when I tried to email my first deal I could only email about 20% of my list (20% of my buyers were already in Investor Lift with geotags).

Needless to say, it was a little more work for me to get up and running because I had to add geotags to most buyers on my list. You’ll need to make sure your buyers are geotagged (state, city) or if you want to send to all I usually select “United States”.

One quirk I wanted to mention in this Investor Lift review is related to SMS notifications. Email blasting can be done at anytime, but SMS notifications can only be sent during business hours. I had to get used to this because I typically send my deals out at 7:30am EST. Investor Lift business hours don’t start until 9am so I had to wait to send out my texts. Not a huge deal for me, especially when I sell most of my deals sight unseen before 9am anyway 😎.

Text about selling a wholesale deal sight unseen
Selling wholesale deals sight unseen is easy when you have a good deal and great buyer relationships!

Building Your Buyers List with Investor Lift

One of the best features of Investor Lift is the existing cash buyer database. Many Investor Lift reviews agree. However, unless you are doing over $250,000/month in assignment fees and can afford Cartel Mode, it will take some work to tap into this existing buyer database.

One of the big benefits of Investor Lift is you see all flip activity in any city or near any address. It will show you the address, acquisition price, sale price, profit and who the buyer was. It provides ‘skip data’ for each buyer if they are not currently on your buyers list. In other words, Investor Lift automatically skip traces all of these buyers and gives you a list of unverified (and verified) numbers and emails. Unfortunately, you will need to dial the numbers and try to find the right one, then manually add to your buyers list.

If you signed up for Investor Lift, you probably already have a buyers list. You can upload your buyers list directly into Investor Lift. You will need to format it correctly so you can easily upload it. This is also a good time to add your geotags to the spreadsheet since it will be faster than doing it after.

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Investor Lift God Mode

Many Investor Lift reviews point out that God Mode is one of the best features – I would agree! Even if you only have standard Investor Lift access, you can use God Mode to see all of the flips in any given area and it will show you all of the buyers. The downside is, you won’t have direct access to the buyers contact information. Unfortunately, it will require some work on your end to make contact with these buyers if they are not already on your buyers list.

If you have a dispositions manager on your team, I would advise that you task that person with skip tracing the buyer and making introductions. It’s definitely busy work, but it will pay off in the end when you are able to get that contact info and add them to your main buyers list. Investor Lift does have a built in skip-tracer and you can easily pull phone numbers right from the platform.

Investor Lift Cartel Mode

Cartel Mode or Boss Mode is the highest plan on Investor Lift and in order to qualify you must be doing $250,000/month or more in assignments. This plan gives you access to ALL buyers in the Investor Lift database. In other words, you will have contact info (phone numbers, email addresses, etc) for every single cash buyer in the country. There are over 4 million buyers in Investor Lift that were vetted and added from other top wholesaler’s across the country. This is GOLD. Essentially, you could go into any market and dispo deals without spending months trying to build out a buyers list. Scale your business to 250k per month and the sky is the limit!

Cartel boss mode is only reserved for the top wholesalers in the country. In addition to having access to all buyers, you will have access to a mastermind. For some, the value of the mastermind alone is enough to keep them paying the annual dues. There are only 50 licenses for cartel mode and currently all are taken.

Investor Lift Artemis Mode

Artemis Mode is a new feature that shows you “Hot Buyers” for your properties. It scores your buyers using an “Action Score” and provides you valuable insight on what action buyers are taking that viewed your property. It will show you address requests, if they viewed pictures, time spent looking at the deal and it will even show if you they added your deal to their favorites. It’s also super easy call or send a text to the buyer and start a conversation right in the platform. This is great way to follow up and see if they are still interested.

A premium feature of artemis mode is that you can view “neighbor buyers”. This feature will show you all buyers that viewed your deal, even if they are not on your buyers list. It will also give you an action score of these buyers based on activity of nearby deals. In other words, Investor Lift will tell you what buyers are currently looking for a deal in your area! However, you can only get their contact info if you have an upgraded subscription like Lieutenant or Cartel Mode.

There is an update in progress that will allow users to send an email blast to “neighbor buyers” vs contacting each one of them individually about your deal. Another game changer!

Investor Lift Lieutenant Mode

Lieutenant mode is one step below cartel boss mode. With lieutenant mode, you will get access to the top 25% of all buyers in the Investor Lift database. While this may not seem like much, Investor LIft claims that 93% of all deals are bought by the top 25% of buyers in IL. In other words, you should have no problem selling your deals with lieutenant mode if those statistics are accurate.

Having lieutenant mode will also give you full access to the benefit of artemis mode. This will allow you to get contact info for neighbor buyers and contact them about your deal (even if they are not your buyers list). In order to qualify for lieutenant mode, your business must be generating at least $100,000 per month in assignment fees. The cost of lieutenant mode is $36,000 per year.

In this Investor lift review, I wanted to share my experience with lieutenant mode. When blasting out a deal in lieutenant mode, I was able to send the deal to over 5,000 buyers vs 700 (my existing buyers list). The additional 4,300 buyers were supposedly all vetted and subscribed to the geotags where my deal was located.

While there is no question I noticed more activity after blasting out deals (addresses requests, inquiries, etc) I did not get many offers and lieutenant mode did not help me move deals quicker. This could be because I am in a smaller market (West Michigan) and I already have the top buyers on my list. My theory is, many of the additional 4,300 buyers that were unlocked are subscribed to these geotags by accident. Or they don’t mind seeing deals anywhere in the US, even though they are not active buyers in these markets. In other words, the vast majority of the additional 4,300 buyers have no interest in actually buying a deal in West Michigan.

If you run a wholesaling business in a larger market with a population of 400,000 or more in your target counties, Investor Lift will definitely help you move more deals.

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Investor Lift Cost

The cost of investor lift varies depending on your plan. The entry level plan, Investor Lift Pro, costs $5,748 per year. They do not offer a monthly payment option and you must pay that amount in full. If you have a wholesaling business generating at least 100k/month, you can qualify for Lieutenant mode which costs $36,000 per year. If your business is generating 250k/month in assignment fee revenue, you can qualify for Cartel Boss mode which has an even higher price tag.

Do We Recommend Investor Lift?

The short answer is, yes. Investor Lift is an excellent resource for your wholesaling business and can help you get more exposure and move deals, increase assignment fee revenue and add more buyers to your list. However, with an annual price tag of over 5k, it only makes sense if you have or are building a wholesaling business – not just doing a few deals here and there.

Our Investor Lift review also points out that if you are wholesaling in a smaller market, Investor Lift won’t benefit you as much. This is especially true if you already have relationships with the top buyers in that market. In larger markets, there is a lot more buyer activity on Investor Lift and you will get more eyes on your deal.
If you decide Investor Lift is right for you, don’t forget to use the link below 👇 and coupon code “crushingrei” to get 10% off!

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