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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Easy?

The work from home lifestyle is trending. More and more people are googling “side hustles” and “get rich quick” schemes. Even those who have jobs are exploring alternative ways to make money. Anyone can make a quick buck wholesaling a real estate contract. And yes, it’s far more profitable than other side hustles. Which is why I do it. But is it easy?

Wholesaling is not a get rich quick scheme
Wholesaling real estate is not a get rich quick scheme but can be a very profitable side hustle.

Wholesaling a couple real estate contracts a year is very doable. In fact, you could even call it easy. With an average assignment fee of 15k per deal, it’s also very profitable. Especially since your main expense is marketing. You can even do your marketing for free. So if your only goal is to earn some extra money with minimal effort, then yes, this side hustle is easy. Two wholesale deals, 15k per deal. That’s a 30k per year side hustle. I would say that amount of work can be done in 20-30 hours, or less if you know what you are doing.

Here’s the deal though, if you can make that much money in 20-30 hours, why would you do anything else? The reality is, there is no easy get rich quick side gig. The one common denominator with successful people is work ethic and mindset. Doing a couple wholesale deals a year is one thing, quitting your job and starting a wholesaling business is entirely different. It’s a mindset shift.

If you have never been in sales, wholesaling real estate can be a wake up call. There will be lots of rejection. There will be ups and downs. At times, it can be a steep learning curve. If you can push through the tough times, overcome rejection and keep that positive mindset you will eventually succeed. For many, getting past that first wholesale deal is huge. It can ignite a fire. Your motivation level will skyrocket. Snowball effect… domino effect.. {insert motivational cliche}. Why? Because one deal can earn you 15k, or more. Now rinse and repeat!

“The harder you work, the luckier you get” -Samuel Goldwyn

So no, wholesaling real estate is not easy. But let’s face it, nothing good in life comes easy. Especially when it comes to making money. What I can tell you, though, is wholesaling real estate is not hard and far more profitable than other side gigs. After you get your first deal you will see why.

So how do you get that first deal?

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About the author: Ryan hovers around a 10-20 handicap any given day. But the talent is there, no question.