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Liver King Net Worth, Steroid Use, and Business Ventures

Liver King pictured in front of a pile of antlers
Liver King Net Worth and how he got 1.7 million Instagram followers almost overnight.

If you’ve been on social media in the past year, you’ve probably seen the Liver King or heard people talk about his controversial lifestyle. Many people are wondering about Liver King net worth. Can someone actually make a living by doing what he does?

Brian Johnson, aka the Liver King, is a social media influencer and entrepreneur who promotes eating raw liver and abiding by his “Ancestral Tenants” as part of his lifestyle. 

The Liver King also has several business ventures, including his supplement brand, eBooks, and other online sponsorships and endorsements by various brands.

Do you want to learn more about the Liver King? This article discusses Liver King’s net worth, biography, and why he remains such a controversial figure in today’s online world.

What Liver King’s Net Worth in 2023?

According to Moneymade, Liver King’s net worth in 2023 is over $1 million. However, this number is difficult to estimate since these figures have yet to be made public. 

Moneymade also commented, “Assuming he owns his properties outright and with fair valuations of his businesses, his estimated illiquid net worth gets closer to $12 million”.

There are various online companies owned by the Liver King, including Ancestral Supplements, Heart and Soil, Medicine Man Plant Company, and the Fittest. However, his supplement line makes the Liver King the majority of his income.

In 2021, he started an online brand named ‘Liver King’ to promote his products. Since then, his following has exploded and the Liver King effectively “went viral” in the social media world.

Liver King Biography 

Liver King’s real name is Brian Johnson. He was born on April 7, 1977 in San Antonio, Texas. He is now 45 years old with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

During his childhood, the Liver King lived an unfortunate life and said that he was depressed nearly all the time. His grief was related to his father, who died when Brian was very young. 

After his father’s death, he started living with his mother in San Antonio and faced constant bullying in school due to his short and skinny posture. While other classmates used to make fun of him, Brian knew he was meant to do something big one day.

Due to this, he started to work out to make himself stronger and soon developed an incredible physique that garnered him a fair amount of attention.

Liver King Career

Liver King is an educated individual who earned a chemistry degree and went to medical school, which he left early to start working as a pharmacist. While working as a pharmacist, he met Barbara, who later became his wife.

They both mutually started a dental clinic which Liver King closed to focus on his companies dedicated to fitness.

Now, he lives with his wife and two kids in a large mansion of 8,300 square feet in Austin, Texas.

He started his brand by exploring the nutrient deficiencies in his sons that made them sick. So, he found a cure by feeding them natural foods, including grass-fed organ meat.

Liver King Family

Liver King’s family consists of his wife, Barbara Johnson (also called Liver Queen), and two sons, Stryker and Rad Johnson. In his videos, Liver King refers to his sons as Savage Liver Boys, and you’ll see them in some of Liver King’s videos on social media.

Who is Liver King’s Wife?

Liver King Wife: Barbara Johnson aka “Liver Queen” also promotes her husbands lifestyle and is regularly seen on his viral videos.

The “Liver Queen” is a regular character in the Liver King’s viral videos on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Barbara (or Liver Queen) also follows the same ancestral lifestyle as her husband. She promotes a way of living that enhances people’s lives, just as the Liver King claims to be doing.

Liver King Supplements

Liver King promotes his “ancestral way of living” with his supplement brand. He says using raw liver, organ meat, and grass-fed meat allows people to live healthier lives.

The Liver King advises that if you can’t eat these types of food, you can take his ancestral supplements instead. The price of his supplements ranges between $30 and $200 and continues to be one of the biggest sources of revenue for his brand.

Since the Liver King claims his supplements meet all the nutrient needs not met by essential foods, it is no surprise that he recommends his Ancestral Supplements to his followers.

“The supplements are designed for anyone seeking basic and targeted support that promotes the old ancestor’s way of living,” Liver King once said.

The Liver King Supplements contain:

  • Beef organs, including the liver, heart, bone marrow, thyroid, and intestines
  • Wild fish eggs
  • Ancestral minerals
  • Living collagen and bone
  • Blood vitality

After doing some research, it’s clear that the Liver King is selling a lifestyle to his followers. He claims that, by eating raw meat and taking his supplements, you can tap into how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago and live a better and healthier life.

While some of Liver King’s advice on fitness and nutrition has some merit, he is an entrepreneur and makes money off influencing his followers to use his nutrition products and subscribe to his lifestyle.

Why is Liver King Famous?

For years, Brian Johnson has been eating one pound of raw liver daily.

Brian Johnson chose the name Liver King to promote his businesses on social media. However, the name also represents eating one pound of raw liver daily, which he claims to have been doing for years.

The Liver King also became well-known on social media for his bodybuilder-like physique, bulging muscles, and unorthodox weightlifting exercises. He often carries large rocks across long distances, doing deadlifts on his bed, and curling dumbbells in the desert, among other things.

The Liver King is most active on Instagram and TikTok, where he promotes himself, his supplements, and his overall lifestyle to his followers.

Liver King Steroids

The Liver King received enormous backlash when it came out that he had been using a hefty amount of steroids and lied to his loyal following about doing so. Liver King was exposed for taking steroids, including Winstrol, Omnitrope, Deca-Durabolin, and several other performance-enhancing drugs.

Class Action Lawsuit Liver King

On June 14th, 2023, Liver King was hit with a class action lawsuit for using deceptive marketing misleading consumers about how he achieved his chiseled physique. The class action lawsuit claims that Brian Johnson pushed a “dangerous & life threatening diet” of raw organs and testicles that resulted in a large number of consumers to suffer ‘severe and other food borne illnesses’. He was ordered to pay $125 million in damages.

Liver King eventually admitted to his social media followers that he used steroids after a journalist released emails about his $11,000/month steroid habit. He previously denied claims that he used steroids.

The class action lawsuit is filed against Liver King and his companies, Ancestral Supplements, LLC and the Fittest Ever, LLC. The lawsuit alleged that Liver King’s physique was not a result of the controversial diet he promoted but rather his steroid use.

The class action lawsuit went on to say, “Liver King persuaded millions of consumers to adhere to, or abide by” the diet “by repeatedly making representations to consumers that his near-perfect physique, and optimal health, were solely attributed to his adoption of the Ancestral Tenets”.

Final Thoughts

The Liver King steroid issue doesn’t seem to have slowed him down much at all. He is still active on social media and continues to promote his lifestyle, supplements, and overall ancestral lifestyle. 

However, the Liver King case study serves as an important lesson to the rest of us: you can’t always trust online influencers who are out to profit off their followers.

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