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What is the Most Lucrative Side Hustle?

Walter White side hustle with cash
Walter White knows a thing or two about lucrative side hustles.

Answer: Wholesaling Real Estate

I like to get straight to the point. Sure, you can argue that there are other side hustles that can make you more money. Like being a stripper, dealing drugs, or stealing expensive sh*t and selling it on the black market. But if you are simply looking for the most lucrative side hustle, that you can do legally – it’s wholesaling real estate.

Let’s break it down. Every business has expenses, right? Usually labor, materials, supplies, marketing, travel, overhead, etc, etc. Therefore, every side hustle has some expenses or risk, just on a smaller scale. If you make jewelry, your main expense will be materials. If you invest in the stock market, you buy stocks but there is always risk you will lose money.

Then there is wholesaling real estate. You can literally start marketing for zero dollars and get your first deal with almost no risk. That is potentially 100% profit (less your time, of course…because time is money).

How do you wholesale real estate without marketing? Door knocking, cold calling and driving for dollars. All free.

Even with paid marketing, you can spend $500 on marketing and earn $15,000 in revenue on one deal. That’s $500 in expenses, which is a little over 3% of your revenue. Not bad huh.

Are you interested in learning more? Here’s how I built a half a million dollar wholesaling business in less than 2 years.

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