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Max Maxwell Net Worth, Bio

AKA: The Real Max Maxwell

Wholesaler, Influencer, Pilot

DOB: November 2, 1984

Max Maxwell Net Worth: 5 Million

Unique Fact: He was in the United States Air Force at the age of 17 and is the son of immigrant parents from Jamaica.

Max Maxwell with his signature beard
Max Maxwell Net Worth: $5 million

Every real estate investor has a story. Like many, Max had some low points in this life. Max was a real estate broker and property manager before losing everything when the market crashed in 2008. His car was even repossessed!

After hitting rock bottom, he tried his hand in experimental marketing with Verizon and Hershey’s. He created an app acting as a middleman to connect brand ambassadors with these huge companies. Eventually he ran out of money and funding and ended up moving back in with his mom.

It was then when he discovered wholesaling. What’s so cool about his story is that he “self taught”. He watched a series of YouTube videos and next thing he knew he had his first deal. Fast forward 7 years later and he owns a million dollar wholesaling company. He scaled by creating systems and hiring virtual assistants.

Max Maxwell is a social media influencer and spends a lot of his free time flying planes.

Most wholesalers are a one man operation and are totally ok with it. Max is a great example of someone who trusted the process, built systems and started outsourcing those processes and systems. It’s a scary thing to do. To give up control of the day to day operation. However, if you have dreams and ambitions of scaling your wholesaling business into a million dollar business, it’s essential to outsource and build out these systems.

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