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Pace Morby Net Worth & Bio

Real Estate Investor, Buy & Hold Investor, Creative Finance Junkie, Wholesaler, Fix and Flipper, General Contractor, Owner of WeBuyUglyHouses Franchise

DOB: February 21, 1983

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Pace Morby Net Worth: 7 Figures +

Pace Morby with Grand Cardone
Pace Morby pictured with Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street. 

Pace Morby is a successful real estate investor and social media influencer. He is a creative finance junkie and his company “Subto” teaches investors how to acquire properties using creative financing.

Before finding real estate, Pace Morby studied business management at Utah State University. He always had a knack for starting and running businesses. He co-founded Dixon Golf and acted as the Chairman from 2009-2011. He dabbled in oil refineries and managed Arcadia Energy which invested in rehabbing oil wells in Texas. He also owned Arcadia Holdings, a holding company for many gas and oil manufacturing companies.

His real estate endeavors began when he bought a HomeVestors Franchise, a “sell my house fast company” (aka WeBuyUglyHouses). From 2011-2019 he owned AZ Contracting. His company bought, flipped and sold residential homes. It was during this time when Pace discovered the power of creative financing and shifted his focus.

Pace founded Subto.com, a real estate education program providing training and mentoring to real estate investors in the US. Subto is short for “Subject-To Financing” which allows the buyer to purchase property subject-to its existing financing. The buyer would then take over the mortgage payments of the existing loan. Typically, the buyer and seller will negotiate terms such as interest rate and down payment.

Pace Morby’s mentorship program includes weekly coaching calls with him. He walks you through process and helps his students close deals. Pace is very active on social media and has a become a big influencer.

His wife, Laura Morby, is also very active in the business. She is a licensed real estate agent for KeyGlee.

Pace has a new TV show out called “Triple Digit Flip” which premiered on A&E October 2, 2021. Pace and Jamil Damji seek out distressed properties and try to flip them for triple digit profits throughout the Phoenix area.

There is no question Pace Morby has a 7 figure + net worth, possibly 8 figure net worth as I’m writing this. He’s crushing it!

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