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What is Phrogging? It’s Your Worst Nightmare…

Phrogging: Phrogger from 2019 Film, “I See You”

What is phrogging?

I’ll tell you what it is. Phrogging is your worst nightmare. Well, my wife’s worst nightmare for sure. Phrogging is simply the act of someone else living in your home, undetected, while you are there. Pretty horrifying, right? They even made a movie out of it. It’s called “I See You”, a 2019 film.

The better question is, does this actually happen? I always find it hilarious (and ridiculous) when my wife asks me to “check the house” after we get back from vacation. Sometimes she’ll ask me to do it after she hears a strange noise, even though we’ve been home for several days. Every so often I find her opening closet doors and and checking behind the shower curtains randomly in the evening. I always poke fun of her when she does this. Maybe I should start taking it more seriously.

The truth is, this does happen. There have been many documented cases of phrogging. In one instance, a man kept noticing food coming up missing in his apartment. He decided to place a hidden camera to find out what was going on. Imagine the shock he felt he when saw a women climbing out of a vent in his apartment and stealing his food!

In another case, a woman had been noticing odd occurrences in her home for several weeks. Doors being left open, AC being left on and even a half cooked plate of chicken nuggets on the oven. Eventually, she called the police. Sure enough, they found evidence of a man phrogging in her attic. The worst part about this story is they haven’t caught him. This phrogger is still on the loose. Now they are terrified the intruder will return.

Well yeah, no kidding! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Change your locks. Get security cameras. I know I would. 

So what is the formal definition of phrogging? The funny thing is, WordPress is underlining the word in red. So, whatever dictionary they use does not recognize this word. I’m guessing Webster’s doesn’t either.

Tell you what. I’ll go ahead and take a stab at defining it.

Phrogging Definition: The act of staying in a stranger’s house for an extended period of time without the homeowner knowing. Phrogger’s usually stay in a less-traveled area such as an attic, utility room or closet.

Phrogger’s do not always intend to burglarize or harm the homeowner’s. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.  They prefer to go unnoticed for as long as possible then vacate the home. Almost like a game.

If you haven’t seen the movie, “I See You”, I highly recommend checking it out. It starts out as an innocent Phrogging attempt but quickly turns sour.

The next time my wife wants to check the house I should probably go along with it.

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