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Using Pipedrive for Real Estate in 2024

Let's talk about using Pipedrive for real estate this year.
Is Pipedrive the best real estate CRM?

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive brands itself as “the easy and effective CRM for closing deals.” But does this all-in-one lead management and sales software actually deliver on its promise to real estate professionals?

Whether you’re a real estate agent, property manager, investor, or developer, Pipedrive has plenty of useful features. The software allows you to effectively manage your pipeline, segment leads in your sales funnel, automate follow-up communication, and much more.

However, Pipedrive isn’t always the best choice and it may make more sense to explore other options on the market. Let’s talk about how to use Pipedrive for real estate and whether or not the software is right for you.

What is Pipedrive?

Are you curious about Pipedrive and how it can benefit your business?

While Pipedrive is a useful CRM tool for real estate professionals, the platform is also used by sales teams in a wide range of industries. Sales professionals in technology, healthcare, travel, and nonprofit use Pipedrive to manage their sales funnels and pipelines. 

With over 100,000 active users in 179 countries worldwide, Pipedrive is one of the most popular sales CRM platforms on the planet. The advanced customization features make it a logical choice for real estate professionals looking to grow their businesses and manage relationships more effectively.

Who Should Use Pipedrive?

Real estate agent at her desk using Pipedrive CRM.
Pipedrive isn’t the right CRM for every real estate professional.

Nearly anyone involved in sales or those in need of a customer relationship manager (CRM) tool will benefit from Pipedrive, but the software isn’t right for everyone. Here are the people who should use Pipedrive for real estate:

  • Real Estate Agents: Managing leads and properties is crucial as a real estate agent, which is why Pipedrive is such a useful tool. With Pipedrive, you can keep track of your leads and deals while prioritizing your most important tasks all within the desktop or mobile app. Customizable pipelines give agents the ability to create workflows for lead generation and processes for closing deals with new and existing clients.  
  • Property Managers: Aside from managing new leads and closing deals, Pipedrive has more features for property management companies to run their businesses more efficiently. They’ll be able to use Pipedrive to manage tenant inquiries, monitor lease negotiations, and handle maintenance requests on the fly. Pipedrive’s automations also send out reminders for rent payments and maintenance scheduling appointments to tenants.
  • Real Estate Investors: Just like agents and property managers, real estate investors need a comprehensive CRM system to manage their leads and track deals in progress. With Pipedrive, investors organize their pipeline and analyze their investment performance with advanced analytics and reporting. Additionally, Pipedrive integrates with third-party financial modeling software to centralize investment-related activities. 
  • Developers: Real estate development projects are often complex operations with several moving parts, making it hard to track each step along the way. Luckily for developers, Pipedrive comes loaded with customization options to separate pipelines for different projects and track project milestones over time. Developers can also share project updates and important documents with their team through Pipedrive’s collaboration tools.

Features & Benefits of Pipedrive

What are the features and benefits of this powerful CRM?

Now that you know who Pipedrive is for and why it’s so useful, let’s talk about the main features and benefits of the software. 

Sales Pipelines

Managing a sales pipeline is one of the most difficult parts of working in the real estate industry. Luckily, Pipedrive has the tools needed to exceed your goals and win over more customers. 

Pipedrive lets you add deals to your dashboard and assign a dollar value to the opportunity. From there, you can track the deals throughout your pipeline across various stages of the sales process. Add notes, provide updates, and mark your deals as they move through the pipeline.

Automation is another main selling point for Pipedrive. With their platform, real estate professionals don’t have to spend time on manual tasks that get in the way of closing deals. Instead, Pipedrive’s automations streamline scheduling sales calls and nurturing leads through the sales process.

Lead Generation Tools

Generating new leads and managing existing ones is the name of the game for real estate sales professionals. Without a steady stream of new leads and an efficient way to manage them, most real estate businesses won’t survive. 

With Pipedrive, real estate agents, developers, investors, and property managers can create custom forms and landing pages to capture leads directly from their website or through online advertising. After capturing the lead, Pipedrive stores their information in the CRM where they can enter into a lead nurturing and follow up process. 

Email Marketing

Another prominent feature of Pipedrive is its email marketing capabilities. Pipedrive allows real estate professionals to create effective email marketing campaigns that drive conversions for a fraction of the cost of other email marketing platforms. 

With Pipedrive email marketing, you’ll have the ability to create custom emails using visually appealing templates with drag-and-drop page builders. You’ll also be able to segment your email list to send targeted emails to different groups, such as buyers, sellers, contractors, or property owners. 

All comprehensive email marketing platforms must have analytics to show the effectiveness of campaigns, and Pipedrive delivers. Campaigns by Pipedrive gives real estate professionals the ability to dive deep into the data to find out which campaigns drive the best results by tracking open rates, click-through rates, and response rates. 

Custom Integrations

Pipedrive is one of the most innovative CRM systems on the market due to its custom app integrations feature that allows real estate professionals to connect their Pipedrive account to a number of third-party software tools.

These integrations include apps that many real estate professionals currently use, including:

  • Slack
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • DocuSign
  • Zapier
  • QuickBooks

Drawbacks of Pipedrive for Real Estate

Make sure to consider the drawbacks of Pipedrive before getting started.
Understand the cons of Pipedrive before getting started.

While Pipedrive offers powerful CRM software, email marketing, and automations, there are several downsides to consider before signing up for a paid plan:

  • Limited Features for Entry Level Plan: As we’ll discuss later, the Essential plan is the entry level offering to get started on Pipedrive. However, the Essential plan lacks the advanced features that make Pipedrive a contender for the best real estate CRM. You’ll only have access to basic CRM software and pipeline management with the Essential plan. 
  • High Cost Compared to Competitors: Pipedrive is one of the most popular real estate CRM tools on the market and comes with a relatively high price compared to their competitors. However, potential users can take advantage of the 14-day free trial to get a feel for the system before committing to a plan.
  • Learning Curve for New Users: Pipedrive has tons of features and capabilities that may be overwhelming for new users. Luckily, Pipedrive has plenty of tutorials and help articles to get new users up and running on the system. 

Pipedrive Pricing

The pricing plans for Pipedrive services.

Pipedrive has five plans for new users to choose from depending on their needs. It’s important to understand that users can change plans at any time if their business grows and additional features are needed on the Pipedrive platform. 


The Essential plan is the starter offering meant for solo real estate professionals who need a system for managing leads and importing real estate data. The plan starts at $14.90 per month on an annual plan and comes with basic lead, deal, contact, calendar, and pipeline management tools.

The Essential plan also allows users to import and export customer data to third-party applications with custom fields. However, this plan doesn’t include features like custom email templates and team management tools for larger real estate teams. 


The next Pipedrive plan is the Advanced plan that starts at $27.90 per month billed annually. In addition to the features of the Essential plan, the Advanced plan offers full email marketing syncing with custom templates, click tracking, and group email capabilities. 

Additionally, Advanced users have access to the automations building and email sequences for lead nurturing. They’ll also be able to use the meeting and video call scheduling tools within Pipedrive to communicate with customers and team members. 


Pipedrive brands the Professional plan as the most popular option for new users. Starting at $49.90 per month, the Professional plan has all the tools needed for a growing real estate enterprise. It includes the features of the Essential and Advanced plan along with lead routing and account access control for larger operations. 

The Professional plan also comes with document management and e-signatures, revenue forecasting analytics, and deeper reporting capabilities for real estate teams looking to expand into new markets. 


The Power plan is a step up from the Professional and starts at $64.90 per month on an annual plan. It comes with long-term project planning tools for building real estate strategies over time as well as one-on-one phone support and onboarding for new users. 

Power plan subscribers also have scalable control of account permissions and visibilities which can be incredibly powerful for large real estate teams. According to Pipedrive, this plan is ideal for busy pipelines and complex real estate teams. 


The Enterprise plan is the highest tier Pipedrive plan that allows users to “experience Pipedrive without limits and have ultimate peace of mind.” 

This plan is designed for large real estate operations with 10+ team members who need daily access to leads and company data. Users on the Enterprise plan receive enhanced security preferences, unlimited reports, and double the number of automations per user. 

The Enterprise plan starts at $99 per month on an annual plan with the standard 14-day free trial for new users. 

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Final Thoughts

Pipedrive is one of the most popular and powerful real estate CRMs available today. There’s simply no better system for managing leads, sending out email marketing campaigns, and automating your real estate business.

However, Pipedrive’s cost and learning curve could be a potential deterrent for smaller real estate teams and solo entrepreneurs. 

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