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PropertyRadar Reviews in 2024 – Best Lead Gen Software?

PropertyRadar reviews show that the platform can be useful for real estate professionals in a variety of sectors.
Find out whether PropertyRadar will help scale your real estate business this year.

PropertyRadar is a powerful software platform for real estate professionals primarily looking to use property and owner data to source new real estate investments and opportunities. 

The company started in 2007 and has since grown into one of the top real estate investing software programs on the market used by professionals across many different sectors of the real estate industry. 

If you’ve read other PropertyRadar reviews, you might be wondering, “is PropertyRadar worth it?” Well, in this review, we’ll discuss PropertyRadar’s pros, cons, features, and cost so you can decide if PropertyRadar is the right choice for your real estate business. 

What is PropertyRadar?

Let's talk about all the features of this powerful real estate investing software.

Various PropertyRadar reviews show that the platform is known for its ability to provide real estate professionals with high-quality property and owner data for real estate investing opportunities. They have an in-house research team that continuously corrects data and uses market insights to refine the speed and quality of information on the platform.

PropertyRadar was only available in select states, but they’ve since expanded their offerings to a nationwide audience. Their platform contains over 1 billion recorded documents, 1 billion phone and email records, 150 million properties, and 40 million foreclosures, making PropertyRadar ripe for investment opportunity. 

Who is PropertyRadar For?

Is PropertyRadar right for you?
Is PropertyRadar right for you?

PropertyRadar reviews show that it’s ideal for real estate professionals, but let’s talk about who the platform is specifically designed for in the real estate industry.

  • Real Estate Investors: Investors use PropertyRadar to research commercial and residential investment opportunities across the nation. The platform allows investors to access detailed property and owner data for off-market deals with detailed targeting features and over 250 search criteria. With built-in skip tracing, investors can instantly obtain owner phone numbers and email addresses with PropertyRadar.
  • Residential Realtor Teams: Real estate teams need a data driven approach to finding prospects and farming new listings. With PropertyRadar, agents and brokers can identify potential leads and decide which doors to knock on in their neighborhood. The platform also makes cold calling more efficient with pre-call impressions and automations. 
  • Mortgage Professionals: Mortgage brokers and loan officers use PropertyRadar to cut out intermediary lead sourcing and generate new clients on their own. Mortgage professionals can locate property owners most likely to refinance, take out a reverse mortgage, eliminate PMI, and much more.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Commercial real estate professionals also use PropertyRadar for commercial property and owner data for prospecting and generating new business. With PropertyRadar, commercial real estate investors and agents don’t need to rely on networking for leads. The platform provides transaction history, title research, smart integrations, investment analysis, and data visualization tools to enhance your commercial real estate efforts. 
  • Home & Property Services: Data-driven market research tools appeal to home and property service providers as well. PropertyRadar is perfect for contractors, pest control services, carpet cleaners, and many other professional services looking to generate more business without depending on third-party agencies for lead generation.

Key Features

PropertyRadar has all the features needed for success in real estate.
PropertyRadar has all the features needed for success in real estate.

While PropertyRadar provides comprehensive property and owner data for investing purposes, they also have tons of other features that real estate professionals find useful, including:

Community Information

Understanding community dynamics and market insights is crucial for real estate investors and real estate teams. PropertyRadar’s community data shows real estate professionals the demographics of a community so they can decide if an investment matches their criteria for a positive ROI

Users also use PropertyRadar to identify neighborhood risks like crime rates, environmental concerns, housing statistics, and housing trends to make data-driven decisions before investing in a community. 

List Building

PropertyRadar’s list building features provide plenty of value for real estate professionals on the platform. Claiming to be “the world’s best list builder,” PropertyRadar allows users to mix and match hundreds of popular lists to find new opportunities in any market across the country. 

The platform makes it possible to copy existing lists to a new area and segment them for better messaging and look-a-like audiences. This makes it easy to use PropertyRadar’s list insights to create better advertising messages and understand new markets.

Additionally, PropertyRadar has tailored marketing solutions to advertise to specific lists on the platform. Users can leverage PropertyRadar’s partners using direct mail and custom exports to make sure your message gets in front of the right people. 

Connect with Owners

Another feature of PropertyRadar is the ability to connect one-to-one with property owners and potential leads by email, phone, social media, direct mail, or in person. Users can tap into PropertyRadar’s access to owner contact information using the desktop or mobile application.

Phone Dialer and Text Messaging

Like other real estate investing software, PropertyRadar has a built-in dialer that dials up to three phone numbers at once for highly-efficient cold calling. 

Additionally, the messenger feature from PropertyRadar automates the follow-up process with personalized text messages or mass communications for warm leads. 

App Integrations and Automations

Speaking of automation, PropertyRadar’s most powerful tool is the suite of automation and app integration features that help streamline any real estate business. 

The data retrieved through PropertyRadar integrates with over 4,000 CRM systems and direct mail providers for seamless integration among platforms. Users can send leads to their external CRM and use PropertyRadar’s lists to send a steady stream of new business opportunities into your favorite software tools. 

Cons of PropertyRadar

Real estate professionals should consider the downsides of PropertyRadar before getting started.
Real estate professionals should consider the downsides of PropertyRadar before getting started.

PropertyRadar is a powerful real estate investing software solution for many types of real estate businesses. Investors, wholesalers, real estate brokers, and mortgage professionals use it for the features mentioned above, but PropertyRadar reviews show that there are still some downsides to consider:

  • No Free Plans: Aside from the modest 5-day free trial, PropertyRadar doesn’t offer a free plan for users to get started on the platform. After the free trial runs out, users must purchase a paid monthly subscription to use PropertyRadar.
  • Limited Access to Paid Features: Even with PropertyRadar’s paid plans, users only have access to a limited number of its main features. Most users will need the highest plan to utilize the platform to its full potential.
  • Learning Curve: PropertyRadar isn’t extremely user-friendly, which means new users may face a learning curve when getting acclimated to the platform.

PropertyRadar Cost

Find out the true cost of PropertyRadar.

Like we mentioned, new users have the option to start with a 5-day free trial before subscribing to a paid PropertyRadar plan. After the free trial runs out, users have three plan options.

Solo – $99/mo

PropertyRadar’s Solo plan starts at $99 per month and should be used by individual agents, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors. The entry level plan allows just one user with 10,000 monthly exports and 10,000 monitored properties.

Users on the Solo plan have just one app integration but also an additional 250 free phone numbers and 250 free email addresses. As the name suggests, this plan is the entry level plan that’s only suited for individuals running solo operations.

Team – $199/mo

Billed at $199 per month with an annual subscription, PropertyRadar’s Team plan is ideal for small teams looking to scale at a high rate. 

The Team plan supports up to three users who utilize 25,000 exports and 25,000 monitored properties. This plan gives users 3 app integrations, 500 free phone numbers, and 500 free email addresses per month. The plan also offers a 25% discount on data overages each month.

Business – $549/mo

The premier PropertyRadar plan is the Business plan that starts at $549 per month. This plan is geared towards established real estate businesses looking to further grow their operations.

The highest-tier plan supports 10 users and 50,000 monthly exports of property data. Users also have 50,000 monitored properties, 10 app integrations, and 2,500 free phone numbers and email addresses. Included with the Business plan is PropertyRadar’s proprietary API access and a Dedicated Success Rep from PropertyRadar.

Final Thoughts

After reading PropertyRadar reviews and testing the software, we found that the platform is highly scalable and supports real estate teams of all sizes.

However, there are plenty of other options on the market that real estate teams may want to explore before settling on PropertyRadar. For more PropertyRadar reviews and other real estate investing software comparisons, visit CrushingREI.com to get started.

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