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PropStream Review

Wholesaling Houses with PropStream

PropStream Review: PropStream is a great tool for building targeted lists for marketing campaigns.

That’s all you really need to know. What are you waiting for? Just get it already!

Ok fine, I promised a PropStream review. Here it is.

screenshot of quick list on propstream
Wholesaling houses with PropStream quick lists is an easy way to find motivated sellers.

PropStream’s quick list feature takes the guesswork out of creating a perfect motivated seller list. After selecting a quick list you can still add specific criteria such as location or equity and filter the list down further. I’m in a small to medium sized market so not all of PropStream’s quick lists will give me enough records to work with. If I’m pulling a list for direct mail, I usually want at least 500 records. In larger markets, you may need to use more filters to reduce the amount of records per list.

I don’t always use PropStream’s skip tracing, but from my limited experience the results have been solid. Pricing is close to industry average, although for bulk skip tracing I get an awesome deal with these guys. I use PropStream’s skip tracing for one off’s when I have a lead with a non-working number. Occasionally, I’ll get website leads or PPC leads without a phone number. Within the past couple weeks, I have skipped traced 2 leads with PropStream that gave me the correct phone number 👍.

So there ya have it. There is my PropStream review. I have been using it for years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It’s a key cog my business. It made the list of my top 6 apps for my wholesaling business. Check out the “Wholesaling Houses with PropStream” Facebook group to further your education.

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