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Propwire vs PropStream – Best Real Estate Data in 2024?

Let's compare the two most popular property search platforms this year, Propwire vs PropStream.
Let’s compare the two most popular property search platforms this year.

Having the most up to date real estate information is essential for investors looking to stay ahead of the competition in today’s real estate market. With so many competing investors, you’ll need accurate property information to not only secure the best deals, but to also guarantee that you’ll make a profit on your investments. 

When it comes to property information, there’s two websites that have generated lots of buzz from the online real estate community: Propwire and PropStream. Both platforms provide real estate data, but there are distinct advantages and disadvantages that come with each software tool.

This article compares Propwire vs PropStream and discusses the pros, cons, and alternatives that real estate professionals need to understand about these two powerful real estate data sites. By the end of the article, you’ll have a solid understanding of the main features of Propwire vs PropStream so you can decide which platform is right for you. 

Why Use Real Estate Data Sites?

Are real estate software platforms worth it? Let's compare Propwire vs PropStream in this article.
Are real estate software platforms worth it?

Mainstream real estate websites like Zillow and Redfin provide basic information about properties that often don’t paint the whole picture. You’ll find standard, publicly-available information like pricing history, property details, and neighborhood analysis without the in-depth data investors need. 

With platforms like Propwire and PropStream, you’ll have access to comprehensive information that’s not available on all public listing sites. These tools often provide investors with data on finding motivated sellers, foreclosure information, and even off-market properties that have potential for selling.

Additionally, real estate data platforms are highly accurate and less susceptible to fraudulent listings. Zillow has long been known for fake listings on their site due to their policy of allowing anyone to list an unclaimed property for sale. In fact, one New Jersey family fell prey to a fake Zillow scam and drew national attention to the issue.

Lastly, real estate data sites have customized filters that allow investors to sort through properties that best match their criteria. Traditional real estate websites only come with basic tools that aren’t sufficient for investors who hope to outsmart the competition. 

Propwire Pros

Let's compare Propwire vs PropStream and take a look at the pros of Propwire this year.

There’s a lot to love about Propwire, which is why our full Propwire review goes in-depth on the main features of the platform. Here are the top benefits you’ll find when using Propwire for real estate data and listings information for your investment business:

  • Free Property Search Platform: One of the top benefits of Propwire is that it’s the best free online real estate data website – you don’t even need to make an account on Propwire to start using the software for property research. There’s simply no better free software with the capabilities of Propwire.
  • Analytics and Comparables Data: Propwire has advanced analytics tools so you can make informed decisions when it comes to your investments. Additionally, the comparable analysis tool from Propwire allows you to visualize the potential ROI on various deals side-by-side for better comparison and analysis. 
  • Search Filtering: The part that separates Propwire from other real estate data platforms is its search filters for property selection. Using Propwire, you can sort through millions of search listings with investor-focused filters like expired listings, probates, cash buyers, free and clear properties, and equity percentages. 

Propwire Cons

While Propwire is by far the best free online real estate listings website, there are some downsides that may make you want to consider a paid option like PropStream.

Outdated Property Data

Several Propwire reviews claim that Propwire’s property information is outdated and behind that of Zillow and other traditional listings sites.

This means that Propwire users will likely need to check other websites with MLS data to make sure they’re focusing on available properties. 

Freemium Model

Although Propwire is free, it operates on a “freemium” business model, which means basic features are free, while advanced paid tools come at a cost to users.

One advanced feature is skip tracing, which is extremely useful for real estate investors trying to find owner contact information for their target properties. 

Learning Curve

The last reason you may want to reconsider using Propwire is due to the learning curve that comes with the platform.

If you’ve never used advanced real estate listings sites, you may need to spend time learning more about how to use the platform most effectively. 

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PropStream Pros

What are the benefits of PropStream?
What are the benefits of PropStream?

PropStream is another popular real estate investment software used by investors, wholesalers, flippers, and property managers. In addition to detailed property information, PropStream also provides users with targeted marketing tools so you can reach more leads and close deals with less work. 

Unlike Propwire, PropStream is a paid software program with a powerful mobile app for on-the-go property research and lead generation. Aside from property data, PropStream also offers rehab cost calculators, ADU calculators, and detailed mortgage information. 

Nearly all real estate professionals will find PropStream highly effective in growing their investment businesses. Real estate agents use PropStream to compete for local listings and generate new leads, while lenders and loan originators use the platform to locate borrowers with adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) who may want to consider refinancing. 

PropStream Cons

There’s no doubt that PropStream is the superior choice for those with a budget for real estate software, but there are some additional downsides to consider:

  • Data Overload: PropStream’s primary offering is also its Achilles heel. Users may get overwhelmed by the amount of data available inside the property search dashboard. Many new users claim that the software is difficult to navigate – especially on the go.
  • Education and Onboarding: Like Propwire, PropStream also comes with a learning curve for new users. Many PropStream users spend ample time reading through Learning Center articles and watching YouTube tutorials to get up to speed. 
  • Cost: PropStream is a paid software tool that packs a powerful punch. But for new investors or those with a small budget for software programs, the cost may drive them to Propwire instead. PropStream costs $99 per month with an additional $20 per month for each new user. Their marketing tools are priced per material and significantly add up for aggressive marketers. 

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Propwire vs PropStream Alternatives

Are Propwire and PropStream the best options on the market?
Are Propwire and PropStream the best options on the market?

Propwire and PropStream are highly effective in sorting through millions of property listings with advanced analytics and additional features. However, there are several other platforms you may want to consider. 


PropertyRadar is another real estate data platform with tools that investors, real estate brokers, and mortgage professionals will find useful. In addition to property listings, PropertyRadar also provides list building features to create better advertising communications and understand new markets. 

With PropertyRadar, you can also connect with homeowners using the PropertyRadar phone dialer and text messaging service. It comes with app integrations and powerful automations not available with Propwire or PropStream.

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The final alternative to Propwire and PropStream is BatchLeads. This tool focuses on lead generation for real estate professionals and is also ideal for wholesalers, investors, and real estate agents looking to find leads and grow their businesses. 

BatchLeads is more expensive than other software tools on this list, starting at $99 per month for basic features and up to $827 for large teams. BatchLeads is used by successful real estate teams and investors looking to scale their existing operations. They make it simple to find motivated sellers and build lists of qualified real estate leads in seconds. 

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Final Thoughts

After comparing Propwire vs PropStream, you can see the differences in these software platforms and what makes them unique from each other. While Propwire is a free listings and property data software, the paid features of PropStream and its alternatives may make more sense for those with a budget to put towards their software stack.

On the other hand, new investors or those looking to cut expenses may find that Propwire is an effective tool that provides all the features they need to get their real estate businesses off the ground and on the way to success.

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