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RAD Diversified Review: REIT Worth Investing In?

Dutch Mendenhall is the CEO and Co-Founder of RAD Diversified.

RAD Diversified is a non-traded, public real estate investment fund that was founded by Dutch Mendenhall and Amy Vaughn in 2017. The REIT has seen consistent growth since its inception and share prices have continued to rise into 2023. RAD Diversified REIT & companies have accumulated a portfolio of diverse property assets exceeding $100,000,000 since its establishment. With so many REIT’s to invest in, is RAD Diversified trustworthy? This RAD Diversified review will help you determine if this REIT is worth investing in.

Who is Dutch Mendenhall?

Dutch Mendenhall is no stranger to real estate investing. In 2007, he moved on from coaching baseball and started a company that specialized in tax liens and made a lot of money as a tax auction investor. Mendenhall was also a successful real estate consultant and a thought-leader for developing real estate education and training.

Eventually, he decided he would let others invest their money with him.

Dutch recalls, “I was an investor, I had good money, I had built a pretty good life with my family and I just didn’t really want that burden of other people’s money… and, took some time, some prayer, spoke with Amy and my wife and just felt like that’s what we were kinda being led to. The calling, the direction that God was leading us to. We listened, and 30 days later I came back and said: Okay, I’ll let people invest with us. Probably didn’t do it legally the first few times…” he laughed.

At first, he didn’t really know what he was doing. But he was making people money and they kept coming back. In fact, 18 out of his first 21 investors are still investing with him today. Over the years, Dutch helped thousands of investors earn millions of dollars investing with his funds.

Then, in 2015 he had a vision for RAD Diversified. Dutch partnered with co-founder Amy Vaughn, a highly sought-after real estate consultant herself, and they built a team from the ground up. Today, the firm has over 150 employees and has accumulated $70 million in diverse real estate assets.

RAD Diversified Reviews

RAD Diversified has 42 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Most of the positive reviews appear to be active investors with the firm and they seem satisfied with their experience. There are only a few negative 1-star reviews for RAD Diversified. A couple of the negative RAD Diversified reviews don’t provide much context so its unclear if they have invested with RAD.

For example, one reviewer simply said, “Feels shady. Hard to reach. Lake of disclosure. If you wish to redeem your money it will take at least 6 MONTHS!”

Another reviewer also made comments about waiting for their refund. The owner gave a very detailed reply in attempt to remedy the situation. Most REIT returns are long term vs short term, so it’s possible the customers were expecting a faster return.

Negative RAD Diversified Review very little context.
Negative RAD Diversified Review with very little context.

Almost all of the RAD Diversified reviews (positive and negative) have a response from the owner. Even the positive reviews have a seemingly sincere reply showing appreciation for their investor clients. It definitely seems like customer service is a top priority for RAD Diversified and it starts with ownership.

One reviewer that gave a 5-star review even offered to speak with potential clients about his experience, “If you’re interested in RAD Inner Circle and want to speak with actual RAD investor – you can look up my name on Facebook or Instagram and message me – I’ll confirm my experience” says the reviewer.

Positive RAD Diversified Review.
Positive RAD Diversified review with reply from owner.
RAD Diversified owner replying to a review.

RAD Diversified Returns

There are many verified RAD Diversified reviews online that appear to be very satisfied with the return on their investment.

“I have been investing with RAD for almost one year. I have learned quite a bit on its business model and have seen firsthand why RAD can produce such a great return for its investors. As an Inner Circle Member, I have access to more great deals that will produce even greater returns.”

“The returns I received was mind blowing! Thank RAD!”

“Very happy with the ROI that I’ve been getting here for 2+ years – this is the best REIT I’ve invested with.”

Many REIT’s performed well over the past few years, largely thanks to the rising housing market. RAD Diversified followed this same curve, generating a 122.2% increase for their investors from October 2019 to October 2022. Stock prices also rose during this time.

RAD Diversified Stock Price Increase:

October 2019 – 10.0%

February 2020 – 11.07%

February 2021 – 14.23%

October 2022 – 22.22%

The increasing stock prices combined with the positive reviews for RAD Diversified suggest that investors are pleased with the returns.

Customer Service and Inner Circle

Dutch Mendenhall with wife, Maggie. Dutch treats his investors like family and prides himself on excellent customer service.

One of the reoccurring sentiments about RAD Diversified is how investors are treated like family. Each investor is assigned a personal consultant who communicates directly with the investor via phone, email and Zoom calls. Clients are invited to visit the corporate office to meet the team and some investors even get the opportunity to tour the investment properties.

While the minimum investment amount is only $1,000, there is a RAD Diversified Inner Circle which gives the client access to more deals with better returns. Inner Circle clients will have more opportunity to be involved in the process and invest in deals with greater returns. One of the larger assets that RAD invests in is income producing farmland– which is a popular option amongst Inner Circle members.

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