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RESimpli Review – CRM for Real Estate Investors

RESimpli Review: All-in-one CRM for Real Estate Investors offering Direct Mail, Texting, Calling, RVM, Automated Drip Campaigns and more!

Let me start by saying I am a RESimpli user and no one asked me to write a RESimpli Review. I don’t review anything that I don’t use myself. I came from Podio CRM, which was fine. Lot’s of great features with Podio, but REsimpli simply won my heart over with all of the features that I actually use in my business.

Clearly, you can tell right away that this is a positive review. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. I’ll give you some of my pet peeves as well. I just want to set the record straight that this is an honest, unbiased RESimpli review from an actual user.

There are many options out there for CRM. If you are a wholesaler or house flipper and a big part of your business is marketing you need a CRM that does it all. Finding off-market leads and motivated sellers is not easy, and following up is critical. RESimpli allows you stay in front of your prospects automatically with drip campaigns which was a big reason my real estate wholesale business took off in 2021.

As I’m writing this RESimpli review I just got an email notification that one of my drip campaigns has ended because I received a response. Good or bad, I’ll always celebrate a response! It gets me that much closer to a yes or a no.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with my blog (shame on you!), I am a real estate wholesaler. My business thrives on marketing. If I take a break from marketing, my pipeline shrinks quickly and I lose momentum, and deals. Therefore, to consistently hit $60,000 – $100,000 in monthly assignment fees I need to be constantly marketing and constantly following up. By the way, if you are looking to supplement your W2 job income and make $10,000/month, that is also easily achievable. Oh, the beauty of wholesaling.

I need a CRM that will do the work for me. That’s one of the big reasons I chose RESimpli. The automated drip campaign feature is huge. You can customize your SMS messages, email templates and setup a drip campaign that automatically emails, texts, schedules calls and even sends RVM (ringless voicemails). This way, I can literally just plop a lead into the CRM, make a few clicks and the follow up is done for me.

Direct Mail Feature

RESimpli Review: RESimpli’s direct mail feature is integrated with their CRM. They will even create custom mail pieces for you.

I also want to touch on direct mail for my RESimpli review. Yes, I still send snail mail. It works. RESimpli has a direct mail feature built into the CRM. I can use my lists already in the CRM or upload new ones. It uses “List Stacking” to know how many times a record shows up in each one of my lists. This is helpful in case the same lead shows up on multiple lists.

RESimpli actually has a live person respond back to you via email for proof edits, delivery times, etc. Automation is great but for proofs I prefer communicating with a live person, especially if I want to make any edits. They also allow customization with templates which is nice. I literally just sent them any design I want to use (after I purchase the mailer) and 99% of the time they can use it.

I promised you this review wouldn’t be all positive. So here are my pet peeves. When you add a new lead and change the status, RESimpli automatically creates follow up tasks for you. I can see where this would come in handy, but there is no customization here. The tasks automatically populate whether you want them to or not.

For example, when I change status to “contact made” it auto populates 2 tasks. One to “Drive by the Property” and the other is “Check MLS for Comps”. Then, when you schedule an appointment or get a property under contract it will auto populate even more tasks. This might be helpful to some, but not every business is the same, and there should be some customization here. I am big on using my tasks to stay on track and not miss any follow ups. It’s annoying that I have to go in and constantly delete tasks I don’t need.

 Another minor gripe I have is related to the direct mail timeline. Sometimes it takes 4-5 days for them to get back to me with a proof and then another 4-5 days after I approve for my campaign to get sent out. That’s almost 2 weeks for your mail to hit mailboxes after you purchase. Not a huge deal for me in most cases but if you are looking for speed you may want to look elsewhere.

There are many other features I haven’t touched on because I haven’t used such as linking your bank account viewing financials, managing vendors, contractors and inventory if you are a flipper and even managing rentals. I am strictly a wholesaler and really only use it for the marketing aspect, but make no mistake this CRM is robust and can do it all if you are have your hand in all things real estate!

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