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Ryan Pineda Net Worth

Ryan Pineda Net Worth: In 2023, Ryan Pineda has amassed a impressed net worth from various income streams in real estate.

Are you curious about Ryan Pineda’s net worth and streams of income? This article discusses how Ryan got into real estate, the wealth he’s accumulated (Ryan Pineda net worth), and how you can emulate Ryan’s success in your own real estate business.

Getting his start in real estate in 2010, Ryan Pineda has made a name for himself on the internet and in the real estate industry. But with only $10,000 in the bank in 2015, Ryan knew that his career as a real estate agent wasn’t going to last long. He switched his business model and started flipping homes in his local market, which he found incredible success with early on.

Ryan developed a knack for flipping homes, which developed into a full-fledged business as he began to build a team around himself to acquire more deals and flip more properties. 

Today, Ryan has an impressive resume. The former professional baseball player has flipped hundreds of homes and purchased hundreds of investment properties while making a sizable income from his YouTube channel.

Early Life and Upbringing

Ryan Pineda was born in Las Vegas and still lives there to this day. He started playing multiple sports as a kid, but developed incredible skills in baseball which earned him a scholarship to play in college at Cal State Northridge. As a 2007 high school grad, Ryan was ranked as the number three overall prospect in the state of Nevada.

Ryan’s baseball skills allowed him to get drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 28th round of the 2010 MLB draft. Ryan pursued his dreams of making it to the big leagues, but unfortunately never made it. However, professional baseball let Ryan travel across the country, and he quickly realized his interest in traveling and how much he enjoys it.

Career Beginnings

Ryan Pineda’s baseball career was short-lived. He played semi-pro baseball for the next five years but realized that he wasn’t going to make it to the big leagues after several injury setbacks. 

Minor league baseball players don’t get paid the big bucks like MLB players, which meant Ryan needed to find a new way to make money. He studied and passed his real estate licensing test while playing baseball and planned to pursue selling real estate for a living. 

However, Ryan wasn’t a natural working as a real estate agent. He never crossed the six-figure mark as a real estate agent but saw the power of real estate and the potential it has after selling his first home from a successful house hack with his cousin. 

Ryan Pineda and Grant Cardone
Ryan Pineda and Grant Cardone promoting 10x and Pineda’s book “Flip Your Future”

Gaining Momentum

Ryan got married and planned to have kids, but needed to find a way to support his young family. Ryan Pineda’s wife, Mindy, suggested getting into the flipping business due to his success with his first investment. 

Ryan followed her advice but started flipping couches instead of homes! Believe it or not, Ryan found incredible success flipping couches that he’d buy for $100 and sell for $300 or more. At his peak, Ryan was making $8,000 per month with his couch-flipping business, finally enough to support a growing family. 

But Ryan soon realized that the couch-flipping business wasn’t going to scale into the multi-million dollar business he dreamed about, and he set off to find another way to make money through real estate. 

House Flipping Business

Ryan credits much of his early real estate knowledge to Bigger Pockets, which gave him the start he needed in real estate through education on different investing methods and how to manage and flip rental properties. He went all-in on real estate investing with only $10,000 in his bank account and several 0% interest credit cards that offered cash advances.

His first two house flips were a success. He netted over $40,000 in profit and continued to reinvest all the money back into his business to acquire more and more properties that turned into successful flips. 

Ryan’s flipping business expanded and he started to hire team members to grow and scale the business. Since he started his investing career, Ryan has done over 300 deals including flips, wholesales, rentals, and just about everything else. His brokerage, Forever Home Realty, remains a successful real estate company today with over 40 agents on staff in the Las Vegas area.

Other Ventures

Ryan Pineda has branched out and started to pursue several other ventures in addition to his real estate business. His education company, Wealthy Investor, is meant for beginner investors who want to learn the ropes of real estate investing and how to start a profitable career in the field. 

Ryan is also a part owner in TrueBooks, which is an accounting firm exclusively for real estate investors. The company specializes in helping entrepreneurs and real estate investors pay less in taxes by taking full advantage of the tax code and turning tax liabilities into investment opportunities.

Lastly, Ryan’s YouTube channel is popular among the real estate investing community, and we can guess that a sizable amount of his income comes from YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, and brand deals associated with his channel. 

The Pineda Family
The Pineda’s reside in Las Vegas, NV.

Ryan Pineda Net worth

Ryan Pineda’s net worth is difficult to calculate since he doesn’t publicly release this information. His businesses bring in millions of dollars per year, and putting a valuation on these businesses is nearly impossible without knowing the exact revenue numbers.

However, in 2020, Ryan stated that his rental properties were worth about $7 million plus $900k in cash and other traditional investments in IRAs and index funds. This means it’s safe to assume that Ryan Pineda’s net worth is at least around $10 million. Pineda’s net worth is likely climbing as his investing business, YouTube channel, and other business ventures continue to grow.

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