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RYZE Mushroom Coffee Reviews in 2024

RYZE coffee review for mushroom coffee product sold on Amazon.
RYZE is one of the fastest growing coffee brands. Let’s take a look at their famous mushroom coffee blend.

Quick, easy, and delicious. That’s the promise of RYZE mushroom coffee for those who like a little extra caffeine to wake up in the morning. 

With a host of holistic ingredients and raving customer reviews, RYZE’s mushroom blend is the latest innovation of mushroom-infused coffee that’s generating a lot of buzz online. However, the lack of scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of mushroom coffee may make you want to think twice before ordering a bag on Amazon.

We analyzed RYZE mushroom coffee reviews so you can decide whether or not to make the switch to RYZE in the morning or to stick with your standard cup of joe to start the day. We’ll look at real RYZE mushroom coffee reviews and offer our suggestions on the pros, cons, and alternatives to RYZE.

What is RYZE?

RYZE is a popular coffee brand gaining traction among coffee drinkers throughout the world.

RYZE mushroom coffee is a product within the RYZE Superfoods brand. The company was started by two Harvard graduates with a focus on creating products that make customers feel good every single day. RYZE is known for using sustainably-sourced ingredients and continues to market their products effectively with YouTube influencers and popular websites. 

After enduring many stressful semesters at Harvard, founders Andrée and Rashad fell into a daily routine of heavy coffee consumption and constantly felt drained during the day once the caffeine ran out. They stumbled upon a Harvard study showing the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms and began experimenting with mushroom-infused coffee.

After some tinkering with their blend of ingredients, Andrée and Rashad launched RYZE to an international audience selling on Amazon and directly through their website. According to their Amazon page, RYZE mushroom coffee has sold 7,000 bags of coffee over the past month, which equates to $335,000 in revenue.

Benefits of RYZE Mushroom Coffee

Let's talk about the benefits of drinking RYZE coffee.
Let’s talk about the benefits of drinking RYZE coffee.

RYZE mushroom coffee is one of the most popular coffee brands sold on Amazon. This means that there must be some benefits to drinking the coffee, right? Here are the top benefits you’ll receive when drinking RYZE.

  • High-quality coffee product with sustainably-sourced coffee beans
  • Increased alertness
  • Holistic ingredients and healthy formulation
  • Many more nutrients compared to standard coffee products
  • Mushroom-infused coffee may have some additional health benefits
  • Reduced likelihood of jitters and crashes

Cons of RYZE Mushroom Coffee

There’s no doubt that RYZE brews high-quality coffee without the jitters and crashes of average brands. However, some of the cons of RYZE may make you consider staying with your current coffee product:

  • Premium coffee comes with a higher price tag
  • Proprietary blend leaves out the quantities of ingredients
  • No evidence for clinically-tested ingredients
  • Some RYZE mushroom coffee reviews show there’s a distinct mushroom taste
  • Strict refund and return policy

What Does RYZE Taste Like?

What is the taste of RYZE mushroom coffee? Let's take a look at what this popular coffee brand tastes like.

Online RYZE mushroom coffee reviews have mixed opinions about the taste of the coffee. Like we mentioned, some customers taste hints of mushroom that ruined the coffee experience. However, those same people suggested mixing in a low calorie creamer to alleviate the mushroom flavor.

On the other hand, some customers couldn’t taste any hints of mushroom. They claimed that the coffee tastes similar to a dark roast K-cup coffee with a slight earthy undertone.

For cold brew drinkers, RYZE mixes well with cold water and doesn’t typically form lumps that hinder its flavor profile. Simply use the ground RYZE mushroom coffee and whip up a cold brew coffee for instant flavor and energy in the morning or on your way to work.

RYZE Coffee Ingredients

RYZE ground coffee poured into a hot cup.
You should know what’s in RYZE coffee before making the purchase.

RYZE is known for its sustainable ingredients and their purported health benefits, which is why the coffee has become so popular among holistic coffee drinkers. Here are the top ingredients in RYZE mushroom coffee and their potential benefits:

RYZE Organic Blend

The organic blend in RYZE mushroom coffee contains six different types of mushrooms offering various benefits. Keep in mind that RYZE doesn’t disclose the amount of each mushroom in the 2000mg blend.

Lion’s Mane

The first main ingredient in the blend is lion’s mane mushroom. These are large shaggy mushrooms that are well-documented for their medicinal properties. In fact, lion’s mane mushrooms have these potential benefits:

  • May help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Can help manage diabetes
  • Protects against stomach ulcers
  • Better recovery from nervous system complications

In addition to these health benefits, lion’s mane has also been used to improve learning and memory by reducing brain deterioration. 


Pronounced she-tah-kay, this mushroom is commonly used in cooking recipes and in a number of skin care supplements and moisturizers. They’re known to provide consumers with immune system benefits that help to reduce inflammation and gut health over time.


Believe it or not, but Cordyceps is a fungus that survives on caterpillars in mountainous areas in China. The mushroom shows some evidence of improving immune health along with fighting cancer cells in the lungs and on the skin.

Another use for Cordyceps gaining popularity is for athletic performance. One 2020 study found that Cordyceps reduced muscle fatigue and allowed participants to produce more cellular energy during workouts. 

Turkey Tail

Trametes versicolor, better known as turkey tail, is a mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine that’s known to increase cognitive function and improve exercise performance. It can also help lower blood sugar for type 2 diabetics. 

Keep in mind the side effects of turkey tail before ordering RYZE. Several RYZE mushroom coffee reviews report mild symptoms of bloating and heartburn. Pregnant women or people with diabetes should talk with their healthcare provider before drinking RYZE.

King Trumpet

King trumpet mushrooms are increasing in popularity due to their meaty texture and rich flavor profile. You’ll likely find king trumpet mushrooms in various soups and sandwiches for added flavor.

RYZE drinkers may find plenty of benefits from king trumpet mushrooms in their coffee, including:

  • Lowering of bad cholesterol
  • Aiding with weight loss and weight management
  • Strong support for bone health
  • Reducing inflammation

It’s important to note that there are only a few human studies that purport these benefits, and more research is needed to better understand the effects of consuming king trumpet mushrooms. 


The final main ingredient in the RYZE blend is reishi. This mushroom has been used for thousands of years and is native to East Asia with its distinct orange color. Reishi is somewhat controversial in the scientific community since there’s no scientifically confirmed health benefits from consumption. 

However, proponents of reishi claim that the mushroom may help improve the immune system, heal cold sores, manage diabetes, and treat Alzheimer’s disease. 

MCT Oil and Coconut Powder

Outside of the six mushroom ingredients in the blend, RYZE mushroom coffee also contains MCT oil and coconut powder. These additives help improve the taste of RYZE and provide its creamy texture that customers have come to enjoy. 

Benefits of MCT oil and coconut powder include managing body composition, increasing fat burning in adults, and lowering calorie intake throughout the day.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee Cost

Let's talk about the cost of RYZE coffee and what online RYZE coffee reviews are saying.
Is the premium price tag worth it?

Those looking to purchase RYZE mushroom coffee should monitor their Amazon product page as well as RYZE’s website to get the best deal. 

Currently, RYZE mushroom coffee is available on Amazon for $47.95 for 30 servings of coffee. On RYZE’s website, you can get the same size coffee bag for $36, which is a savings of 25% when purchasing directly from RYZE.

RYZE also has various specials on their website throughout the year, such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Days discounts.

Buy on Amazon

Buy on RYZE Website

RYZE Mushroom Coffee Reviews

RYZE is one of the fastest growing coffee brands in America, propelled by tons of five-star reviews from customers and online influencers. Here’s a breakdown of the RYZE mushroom coffee reviews we found online:

  • Amazon: 3.8/5 based on 613 reviews
  • Trustpilot: 4.9/5 based on 8,065 reviews
  • RYZE website: 4.7/5 based on 107,965 reviews
  • Yelp: 1.1/5 based on 24 reviews

Final Thoughts

RYZE seems to be starting a trend in mushroom-infused coffee among avid coffee drinkers who are looking for an alternative to their traditional brew. RYZE is a perfect addition to your morning that supposedly reduces the jitters and crashes that consumer brand coffee comes with.

However, it’s important to consider the fact that RYZE doesn’t disclose the amount of each ingredient in their blend and there’s not a whole lot of evidence to support their health benefits. 

If you do decide to give mushroom coffee a try, be sure to check out other RYZE mushroom coffee reviews before purchasing the coffee directly on their website. 

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