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Than Merrill Net Worth & Bio

Former Professional Football Player

Real Estate Investor, Coach, Author, National Speaker, TV Personality, Philanthropist

DOB: Dec 12, 1977

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Than Merrill Net Worth: $100 Million

Than Merrill speaking at an event
Than Merrill Net Worth: Than Merrill has an estimated net worth of around $100 million in 2023. You may remember him on the A&E TV show “Flip This House”.

Than Merrill is a former NFL football player but had his career cut short due to a knee injury. It was then he discovered real estate. In 2004, he founded CT Homes, a residential and commercial development company. He flipped houses and commercial properties and started building wealth. You may remember seeing Than Merrill on the popular TV Show “Flip This House” which aired on A&E from 2007-2009.

He later went on to found companies “Equity Street Capital”, for his long term investments and “FortuneBuilders Inc”, a coaching program. Than Merrill’s net worth grew to 40 million in 2014, 75 million in 2017 and he is now worth an estimated 100 million today. The fame and notoriety he received from being on prime time TV eventually led to many public speaking events. He has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Laura Bush, Tony Robbins and Sarah Palin.

His coaching program, FortuneBuilders Inc., claims to have helped thousands of investors build successful real estate businesses. I have not purchased any of his material, but I know some people that have. One of my investor connections uses Than’s company as his private lender. From what I’ve heard, the coaching program provides step by step training, resources, techniques and 1-on-1 coaching that can effective in learning how to invest and build wealth in real estate.

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