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Tom Krol – Wholesaling Inc.

Tom Krol: Wholesaler, Real Estate Coach, Founder of Wholesaling Inc. “Rhino Tribe”

Hometown: Port St. Lucie, FL

Famous Tag Line – BAM!

Tom Krol looking dapper
Tom Krol founded Wholesaling Inc. and provides real estate coaching.

Tom Krol has always been a top influencer of mine. If you need some motivation to get your day started, just listen to one of his podcasts. His passion, energy and positivity is contagious and always gets me super excited about wholesaling. BAM!

Tom started out his career as a door to door lawn care salesman. He eventually got fired and had some soul searching to do. That was when he discovered wholesaling from his brother, Todd Toback. It didn’t take long for Tom to do his first deal and it just snowballed from there. He quickly became one of the top wholesalers in his market closing more than 100 deals in his first 18 months of wholesaling. BAM! (I might just end every paragraph with BAM! to salute Tom)

Of all the marketing channels, Tom loves direct mail. I’ll never forget the advice he gives when it comes to choosing a marketing channel. Whether it’s direct mail, bandit signs, cold calling, driving for dollars… it doesn’t matter. Just pick one and be the best at it. Become an expert and dominate your marketing! BAM!

Tom founded Wholesaling Inc., a wholesaling coaching program. He started the business with fellow investors Brent Daniels and Cody Hofhine. Brent and Cody now host the Wholesaling Inc. podcast and can be followed on social media.

Full disclosure, I have not purchased the coaching program but I closely follow Tom and subscribe to all the content they put out there. These guys offer sound advice and have helped hundreds (if not thousands) of investors close wholesale deals. They refer to their students as Rhino’s and they are part of the “The Tribe”. When one of their Rhinos closes a deal, Tom rings the infamous victory bell. BAM!

He doesn’t know it, but I owe a lot of my success to Tom and his podcasts. Love his energy, passion and mindset that he has. I don’t know him personally but he always struck me as a down to earth guy with good intentions. He seems very real and transparent about how to do deals and is always willing to share tips and tricks. Tom Krol’s material is a staple for me. Cheers Mr. Krol. BAM!!!

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