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Vodyssey Review: Airbnb Coaching with Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore holding his book "What the hell is a lifestyle asset?" This Vodyssey Review will tell you if its worth it or not.
In this Vodyssey review, we will ultimately tell you if Shawn Moore’s program is worth it or not.

Vodyssey is a real estate investing program created by Shawn Moore that teaches average investors how to build passive income through vacation rentals. 

Founded as Lifestyle Asset University then rebranded to Vodyssey, this program makes big promises and is backed up by loads of testimonials from current and past students. But can these promises justify the steep price tag?

This article discusses who is Shawn Moore, the Vodyssey program, and our Vodyssey review that will allow you to decide whether or not to invest in this high-ticket program to jumpstart your real estate investing career.

Who is Shawn Moore?

Shawn Moore isn’t your average real estate guru selling coaching programs. In fact, Shawn has overcome some serious struggles early in his career to get where he is today.

In 2008, Shawn and his wife were investing in luxury commercial real estate properties and started to make a name for themselves in the space. At age 30, Shawn and his wife lived lavishly and spent most of their income due to their newfound success in real estate investing.

Unfortunately for Shawn, this lavish lifestyle came to an abrupt halt when the owner of his commercial properties was charged with securities crimes in late 2008. 

Shawn quickly found himself in a dire situation financially. He lost his properties, his income dried up, and he had no money in the bank.

After a few months of denial and realizing the gravity of the situation, things started to get worse for Shawn. After defaulting on his mortgage, he lost his house and then lost his car soon after. 

With his credit cards maxed out and zero money in the bank, Shawn finally decided to wake up. He said to himself, “Wake up dude, nobody’s coming to rescue you. You better figure it out and do something about it.”

Remembering his passion for real estate, Shawn and his wife attended a seminar about becoming real estate agents and how to succeed in the industry. He hired a coach and quickly got a second chance in the real estate game. 

After a slow start, Shawn and his wife started to close deals and built up a sizable nest egg from their real estate business. They quickly excelled and worked their way up to being top producers at their brokerage.

Shawn and his wife continued their success in the industry, and soon welcomed their first child. On a family trip to Hawaii, Shawn realized his love for vacation properties and decided he wanted to venture into the space.

The rest was history. Shawn’s real estate acumen continued to grow as he found success in the vacation rental industry. After years of gaining experience and excelling in vacation rentals (“lifestyle assets” according to Shawn), it was time for him to educate others on how to follow in his footsteps.

Shawn Moore sitting in his Vodyssey office working on an ipad.
Shawn Moore has established himself as a leader the STR industry.

What is Vodyssey?

Vodyssey is the program created by Shawn Moore that teaches investors how to find success with vacation rentals. Initially dubbed Lifestyle Asset University, Shawn rebranded the program to Vodyssey to break away from the “university-style” education that the name represented.

Vodyssey soon emerged as one of the top real estate coaching programs in the vacation rental space. His website explains that Vodyssey teaches you the vacation rental business inside and out, covering crucial aspects such as acquisition, management, and marketing to grow your vacation rental portfolio.

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Additionally, here are some of the tools and advice you’ll find within the Vodyssey program:

  • You’ll discover how to get the top 20% of your market in 6 months or less with proven systems, tools, and detailed training.
  • Members will enjoy a one-on-one personalized, expert property analysis
  • Get momentum with proven success and hands-on personalized help
  • You’ll receive weekly calls with an active and vibrant investor group

You’ll also find a myriad of Vodyssey reviews, success stories and testimonials on the Vodyssey sales page, touting the expertise of Shawn and the creators of the Vodyssey program.

Vodyssey Review

While we haven’t joined the Vodyssey program ourselves, we’ve analyzed numerous online reviews as well as the testimonials given from current and past students in the program.

According to one potential student, Shawn comes across as an honest investor and doesn’t display any of the classic traits of slick online real estate gurus. However, during his sales pitch for the program, Shawn continuously claims that “nothing is for sale,” when clearly he is selling the program and getting you to opt into his email funnel.

The same potential student decided that the software tools needed for the program alone would cost thousands of dollars, without taking into account the cost of the program and the monthly mortgage payments on the vacation rentals themselves. However, this Vodyssey review only tells us so much since he didn’t sign for the program.

Vodyssey Cost: Is It Worth It?

Shawn and his team make it difficult to find out the actual cost of the program without opting into his email funnel. In fact, you’re required to book a free strategy session or download a free eBook to learn more about the program and whether or not you’re a good fit.

While this is a smart move for Shawn and his team to weed out those who can’t afford the program, it’s frustrating for those who want to know the cost of Vodyssey before spending time talking with his team and scheduling calls that may lead to nothing.

As of 2023, the cost of Vodyssey is $4,800. The Vodyssey cost is in line with other similar real estate coaching programs, but is still a steep price for beginner investors. This is why we recommend aspiring investors to start with online education from free or low cost resources like YouTube or Udemy, instead of spending $4,800 on Vodyssey.

Is Vodyssey Legit?

Our opinion is that the Vodyssey program is legit. There is no doubt that new investors looking to get into vacation rentals will find a ton of value from the program. Learning from Shawn and his team is a good choice for those that want to build passive income with real estate investing.

However, we believe that this program is not the best for beginners. The upfront costs for the program and the software needed is likely too much for average investors. Another Vodyssey review online said much of the information in the program can be found online for free.

Most Vodyssey reviews conclude the business model is sound, but doesn’t provide the best value for investors who don’t have thousands to spend. Additionally, online reviews also say that finding success in vacation rentals isn’t as easy as Shawn makes it sound.

So, is Vodyssey a scam? No. But it’s not the best option for most.

Shawn Moore Net Worth

The Vodyssey founder, Shawn Moore net worth is said to be between $5-10 million.
Shawn Moore Net Worth: Estimated to be between $5-10 Million.

Shawn Moore’s rags to riches story is commendable. He went from a broke real estate investor with a string of bad luck to a top real estate agent and course creator that has helped hundreds launch successful careers in real estate investing. 

You may be wondering Shawn Moore’s net worth and the level of success he has achieved monetarily. Unfortunately, Shawn keeps his finances private and there are no credible sources of his current net worth. 

Judging from his success in real estate prior to founding Vodyssey and his current business model, it’s safe to assume that Shawn Moore’s net worth is between $5-10 million.

The Bottom Line

Shawn Moore has made a name for himself in the real estate investing space, and there is no doubt that Vodyssey can be a powerful way for investors to break into vacation rentals. 

However, success in real estate investing is never guaranteed and it’s up to you to take action and to create your own wealth in real estate, with or without the Vodyssey program.

Despite the dozens of Voydssey reviews & testimonials from successful students, we don’t recommend joining Vodyssey due to the steep price tag and uncertainty in the real estate market. Hopefully this Vodyssey review was helpful! Visit Crushing REI to find out other free ways you can get started as a real estate investor today.

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