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Wholesale Real Estate Jobs

Wholesale Real Estate Jobs

Believe it or not, there are many wholesale real estate jobs available in larger wholesaling operations. Many wholesaling business are run by only one person doing just a few deals a year. However, if you get connected with a larger operation, there are plenty of wholesale real estate jobs that can earn you a respectable income. Let’s take a deeper dive. 

Jobs You Will Find in a Thriving Wholesaling Business

Acquisition Manager

This is one of the most common jobs in a successful real estate wholesaling business. The Acquisition Manager is responsible for meeting with sellers, making offers and putting properties under contract. This is essentially an outside sales position that requires knowledge of the sales process and ability to close deals.

In smaller wholesaling businesses, this job may include making initial contact with homeowners and scheduling appointments. In larger businesses with multiple employees it’s more common to have dialers/appointment setters handle the initial contact.

Acquisition Managers can make 100k + per year working full time. They are usually compensated by earning a percentage of the assignment fee in a wholesale deal. In most cases, Acquisition Managers are independent contractors and not on payroll.

Disposition Manager

A Disposition Manager handles the back end of a real estate wholesale deal which consists of assigning the contract to an end buyer. Job responsibilities may include building a buyers list, networking with potential buyers, meeting with buyers at the properties and getting assignment contracts signed. It’s common for the Disposition Manager to handle communication with the title company and to ensure the deal gets closed.

Disposition Managers can be compensated by salary or commission (or both). Successful DM’s can earn 100k + per year working for a larger wholesaling business.

Dialer/Appointment Setter

Dialers & appointment setters are inside sales jobs that contact potential sellers and schedule appointments for Acquisition Managers. Many times they will have access to a CRM where they can organize the leads and track inbound and outbound communication. They may even initiate drip campaigns, which are automated marketing campaigns designed to contact the lead periodically through email, text and phone calls.

This job is all about sales activity. Some appointment setter’s may be asked to make 80-100 phone calls per day.

Dialers/Appointment Setters can earn anywhere from $12-30/hour in the US. Some may earn a commission for appointments that turn into contracts.

This job is commonly outsourced to a Virtual Assistant (VA). VA’s work remote and can be found on websites such as UpWork or Fiverr. Many wholesaling businesses will hire VA’s for $4-10/hour that live in other countries.

Marketing Manager

This is a less common real estate wholesaling job, but in a larger business it may be necessary to have a Marketing Manager. This position would essentially oversee the entire marketing process and sales funnel. The VA’s, dialers and acquisitions managers would all report into the Marketing Manager.

This job would also be responsible for managing all marketing channels such as direct mail, website leads, Google PPC, social media marketing, SMS campaigns, etc. 

Marketing Managers can earn 100-150k per year.

Chief Operating Officer

This is another job that is less common in a real estate wholesaling businesses. The Chief Operating Officer is usually the highest position held in a wholesaling business besides the owner. This position would oversee the operation of the entire business. 

In larger wholesaling real estate businesses, the owner may want to remove himself from the day-to-day operation. The COO’s job would allow the owner the step away. 

COO’s can make 150-200k+ per year. 

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