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Best Apps for Wholesaling Real Estate

Here are my top 6 apps for wholesaling I could not live without

6 apps for wholesaling
Here are my top apps for wholesaling real estate that streamline my business. 

  1. PropStream. When I was thinking about my top apps for wholesaling, this is the first that came to mind. It all starts with data and lists. You have many options when it comes to sourcing lists, but for me, PropStream is my jam. It’s easy to use, provides accurate data and is relatively inexpensive. The versatility is another bonus. They provide skip tracing and have motivated seller lists on speed dial. What I mean by that is you don’t have to check a dozen boxes to pull a foreclosure list or tax lien list. PropStream calls them “Quick Lists”. I wrote a comprehensive review about PropStream here.
  2. RESimpli. This is my CRM. Staying organized as a wholesaler is key. When your lead flow and deal flow increase, it’s critical to keep up with data entry and follow up. If you don’t have a CRM and you are relying on spreadsheets or worse, pen and paper….or even worse… your memory… STOP. Get a CRM now. Without a solid CRM you will get behind, you will forget to follow up and leads slip through the cracks. I have been victim to this.  I recommended RESimpli for ease of use, versatility and cost. Hmmm, see a trend here? RESimpli has built in features such as direct mail, list stacking, calling, texting, drip campaigns, financials and so much more. Want more? Here is my full RESimpli review.
  3. Yellow Letters HQ. This is my preferred direct mail service. I use YLHQ because I like the quality of their mail pieces, production, delivery speed and overall cost. I’ve used several mailing services and this rates high across the board. They got their claim to fame by the infamous “Yellow Letter”, which is still an effective mail piece today. Their founder, Michael Quarles, is an expert marketer and is very active on Bigger Pockets, social platforms and podcasts sharing his insights.
  4. Launch Control. I use text message marketing in my business and Launch Control checks all the boxes here. It is fully automated, TCPA compliant, has a built in skip tracer and can send bulk SMS (without really sending bulk SMS) if you know what I mean 😉. I believe texting is the future, and the future is now. It’s all about cost per deal and SMS marketing leads are the cheapest leads I get from any paid marketing channel.  
  5. Mailchimp. I use Mailchimp for my email marketing on the disposition side. Every wholesaler will want to use an email service to send out deals. After all, you should have a buyer’s list of at least 100 active buyers, right? I know you aren’t trying to type 100 separate emails and send your deals that way. Time is money. The best part of about Mailchimp is their free plan is pretty much all you need. You’ll get the email builder, marketing CRM, forms & landing pages, creative assistant and even a website builder. While it’s not perfect, deliverability rates have been pretty high with Mailchimp. 
  6. Docusign. When I first began wholesaling, I didn’t think I would really need this. I came from corporate america and was so used to wet signing, scanning and emailing documents. That method worked fine when I was doing 1-2 deals a month. But once my lead flow and deal flow increased I decided to make change. Wow, what a difference. Night and day. No brainer here. If you plan to scale up to more than 2 deals per month, you’ll need to send quite a few offers to get there. Do yourself a favor and get an e-signature app. Do yourself a favor and get DocuSign

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